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Throughout history gender bias has played a role in the workplace. Many years ago it was believed that women should cook, clean, and do all other house chores while men did what was considered manual labor. When women were granted with the same work opportunities as men they were still being cut short by having such a tremendous wage gap. Female workers are faced with significant challenges in the workforce. The gender pay gap is a major issue that has been known for many years. The wage gap is a statistical indicator used often as a median status of women’s earnings relatives to men’s. History has been proven to repeat itself.
Women have been overlooked and unequally paid for decades. In 1963 when John F. Kennedy signed The Equal Pay Act, it was for the mere reason of trying to get rid of the gender pay gap. Then, during that time, women were causing an uproar making it impossible for people to work in peace.
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In any case if a woman has worked the ample amount of time to further her education just like a man then the pay should not matter, their job performance should make their increase in pay not their gender. “Mankind” was viewed as such, a collection of men: dependent upon women for reproduction but unwilling to value them as equal members of society. While the establishment of internationally recognized women’s rights has accelerated, greatly, over the past century, “gender equality” is an idea that remains very far off from reality. The wage gap between men and women is a major issue facing today’s society. “Women are faced with a pay gap in nearly every occupation. From elementary and middle school teachers to computer programmer, women are paid less than men in female-dominated, gender-balanced, and male-dominated occupations.” These statistics are quite unexpected because the college graduation rate of women compared to that of men is 32% percent

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