No Gender Pay Gap Essay

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Better Future: No Gender Pay Gap
Many countries have not recognized women’s contribution, including the United States. Women have become targets of many genders discriminate, especially in the workplace. Even though the laws have changed, gender pay gap still exists and seemingly does not disappear by itself. Therefore, women should be aware of the gender pay gap negative impact and be more activate in taking an appropriate action to close the gender pay gap.
First of all, gender pay gap largely affects toward women in a long run. As we all know women have always made less money than the male colleagues in the same job position. American women make 79 cents for every dollar men make in doing the same work according to The American Association
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For example, because women are always the first person who give care to children and elder people in the family, they tend to work at home or choose a part time job that allow them to have more time to take care the family. As a result, women make an obvious lesser paycheck in which an obvious lessen the amount of social security tax contribution. Because of less contribution to the retirement plans, women will more likely earn less social security benefits when they reach to the retired age, and, moreover, they will face to a poverty (Maloney). Research shows 5% more women live in poverty compared to men who are about 65 years old and up (Tacchino). The gender pay gap is the necessary movement women should seriously take it into account.
Additionally, there are many respondents and women’s organization have been trying hard to close the gender pay equal, yet it will not close until 2059 as Maloney stated in the report.
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Women should be more alert to the issue and be more initiate to the closing gender pay gap by practicing the wage negotiation’s master plan. A brighter future is in our hands. Therefore, women should compete and defeat the gender pay gap to make the whole world to recognize our hard work and to treat us the way we should be treated with no gender inequalities or gender discrimination’s

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