Essay On The Gender Wage Gap

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Today in the United States, gender inequality is prevalent in the home, sports, schools, politics, and the workplace. Of all situations, the workplace has to be, by far, the most critical. Being that discrimination based on gender directly affects a woman’s income, the gender wage gap needs to be permanently closed. In households in which only the mother is employed, single-parent households, one woman households in which there are no children, and two-woman households, women face the adversity of making less than their male counterpart, and the difference in their pay could be what determines whether their family lives in poverty. As a woman of color or disabled woman, that amount could be even lower. For these reasons, employers must offer the same pay to all employees who are doing the same work, regardless of gender. The wage gap is a prevalent issue in the United States and must be closed in order to increase the quality of life for women across all fields of expertise. In 2014, female full-time workers made only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 21 percent (“Pay Equity & Discrimination”). As a woman who does the same amount of work for the same amount of time, just as well as as her male counterpart, the existence of a wage gap is absurd. Though the difference in pay could be understood if a man with the same job as a woman has a doctorate in a field related to the job, that is rarely the case being that most jobs require certain training, skills, and education. In households in which one or more women provide, it is important that they make the same amount as a male counterpart. Making 21 percent less than a man in the same position could be the difference between living in ... ... middle of paper ... .... Alanna Vagianos, a contributor for the Huffington Post, added that the federal minimum wage being increased, aiding women in developing negotiation skills, and ensuring access to affordable child care would also help close the wage gap between men and women. In conclusion, it is the ethical and logical thing to do in this day and age to push forth with closing the gender wage gap. Not only is it senseless to not pay employees the same amount for the same work when they have the same qualifications, but it also aids the idea that men are in some way superior to women in the workplace. Women, regardless of their race, sexuality, ability, or heritage, should be compensated fairly for their contribution to a company. Having worked tirelessly for more than one hundred years to come as far as we have, there should be no settling for less than what is deserved.

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