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Spirituality In the healthcare profession, we have the privilege to see individuals in their most vulnerable states. We get to work with clients during intimate intervals of their lives and we are the ones that they turn to for comfort and guidance. Spirituality can be better understood as anything that gives one meaning, and purpose (Araújo dos Reis, & de Menezes, 2017). The ideation that spirituality and religion are tantamount is spurious. Religion is described to be the illustration of spirituality, including specific believes and practices (Araújo dos Reis, & de Menezes, 2017). Spirituality is seen as beliefs to enhance ones’ understanding of the universe and one’s meaning in life (Araújo dos Reis, & de Menezes, 2017). As a religious…show more content…
An individual needs to be physically and spiritually well to be entirely healthy (Bernardino da Silva, Avellar de Aquino, & Franco Silva, 2016). Spirituality is an extra dimension that influences the being of an individual (Bernardino da Silva et al., 2016). One’s spiritual needs are just as significant as their physical, emotional and psychological needs. I believe there is an unconscious spirituality in each individual, one that guides our choices, impacts our souls, and reflects ones’ purpose. I strongly believe in spirituality, and I believe it is a pursuit of the meaning in life. Being a religious person, I believe in God and trust in everything he does. I try to inspire trust, compassion, and faith within those that I am caring for. I will pray for individuals and have no ambiguities about discussing afterlife or religion with individuals that are in my care. I do respect those that choose not to be religious, however, I still allow God to work through me by instilling hope, positivity, and joy, allowing me to brighten someone’s day or be their shoulder to cry on. Spirituality is significant nearing the end of life as God happily welcomes everyone with open arms; they choose to turn to…show more content…
I feel a strong sense of gratefulness and void to fill my purpose, as I did not breath for over ten minutes when I was born. I strongly feel that God gave me a chance, and knew that I would do great things one day. Ever since I was young my spirituality has drawn me to sense my personal uniqueness and that I truly had a strong purpose to help others’ in my lifetime. As there was a reason I was not called back to heaven, there was a reason my brother was not either. My family and I believe that my brother, Michael, was a miracle. Despite the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress and pain he has caused, he was a gift to my family. God gave him to us for many reasons, to teach us to place ourselves in others’ shoes, and what true non-judgmental caring, compassioning and empathy are. We have had our eyes truly open and all have a fresh perspective on life. He has helped us all become grateful and more appreciative, helped us learn to respect and accept others’ despite their differences and to love unconditionally. Michael has never been considered a mistake, as he was our gift from
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