Spirituality and Health

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This enquiry based learning essay (EBL) will be based on the concept of spirituality and how it is related to health. The concept is has a variety of meanings and is seen as a unique entity to all individuals. In order to explore this concept, I have chosen to define spirituality within the context of nursing, compare and contrast by using different perspectives from literature. Subsequently, the most relevant literature to nursing will be identified and analysed. The second part of the essay will critically analyse a clinical experience related to the concept of spirituality. The issues identified within the clinical experience will be related to the definitions stated. The third part of the essay will be a reflection on the EBL, where I will evaluate on the strength and weaknesses of the EBL group experience using leadership skills. Ultimately, a conclusion will be drawn and the summary of the main points will be presented. Spirituality is seen as a universal concept relevant to all individuals; the uniqueness of each individual is paramount (Mcsherry, 2000). Therefore, the subject is complex and relatively complicated topic to discuss. This is due to the different interpretation which is influenced by the individual’s life experience. Therefore definitions of spirituality may differentiate significantly to all individuals and literature (Mcsherry, 2000). Several literatures such as Dickson (1975), Shelly and fish (1988) and Stoll (1989) have tried to interpret the concept of spirituality by first exploring and understanding the possible meaning associated with the term spirituality by looking at its root word ‘spirit’. The word has originated from the Latin word ‘spiritus’, which construes as “breath, wind and air”. This c... ... middle of paper ... ...mportant subject to consider within the nursing care (McSherry, 2000). Works Cited Gibbs G. Learning by Doing: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Methods. Oxford Further Education Unit, Oxford Polytechnic; 1988. TEAM LEADER RESPONSIBILITIES. 2011. TEAM LEADER RESPONSIBILITIES. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.npd-solutions.com/leader.html. [Accessed 13 April 2011]. Wilfred McSherry BSc(Hons) MPhil PCGE(FE) RGN NT, 2000. Making Sense of Spirituality in Nursing Practice: An Interactive Approach. 1st Edition. Churchill Livingstone Stephen P. Kliewer, 2006. Healthcare And Spirituality. 1 Edition. Radcliffe Publishing Greenstreet W, 2006. Integrating Spirituality in Health And Social Care: Perspectives And Practical Approaches. 1 Edition. Radcliffe Publishing. Simon (Ang Robinson, 2003. Spirituality & the Practice of Health Ca. Edition. Palgrave Macmillan
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