Faith Based Nursing: Faith Community And Faith Based Nursing

Community and Faith Based Nursing “Faith community nursing is community-based and population-focused professional nursing practice with communities of faith to promote whole-person health” (Stanhope, Marcia, & Lancaster, 2012, p. 976). The faith based nurse should be fully aware of the community belief, faith practice, spiritual level within the population, and connect these elements with health and healing. Health, spiritual and healing are considered an important dynamic process in the faith based or religious community. I will discuss the heritage and healing in the faith community. Also, I will discuss some of the benefits of a community nurse forming partnership with the parish nurse and faith based communities. I will explain…show more content…
Developing a sense of wholeness and having an established relationship with their creator, can assist the individual with maintaining stability during times of illness, stress, or when a cure is not possible. This can facilitate a source of healing within, which will promote the health of members in the faith based community. “To promote healing, the nurse builds on strengths to encourage the connecting and integrating of the inner spiritual” (Stanhope, Marcia, & Lancaster, 2012, p. 972). Connecting with the inner spiritual is an important aspect because it can assist the individual with making healthier lifestyle choices. By making healthier lifestyle choices, the individual will achieve their optimal health or wellness and this will be beneficial for the individual and faith based…show more content…
As previously mentioned, the parish nurse will identify problems in the faith based community and work towards health promotion within the population. After the parish nurse has identified the problems in the faith based community, the nurse can function as a personal health counselor, provide the community with health education and resource referral (Stanhope, Marcia, & Lancaster, 2012, p. 980). The parish nurse can function as a personal health counselor by performing a health risk screening for vision, hearing, blood pressure, and depression. An individual or group discussions can be done on practicing healthier lifestyle through dieting, exercising, and connecting these things with spiritual activities. Teaching the individual on ways to practice healthier lifestyles can assist with disease prevention. The parish nurse can provide health education to population on identified health problems through the faith base community newsletter or bulletin. The nurse can also provide one on one teaching with the current health issues of the individual within the community. After the parish nurse provide personal health counseling and provide the community with health education, a referral can be made to the available resources identified within the community. This will help link the individual with the available resources outside of the faith based

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