The Importance Of Spirituality In Nursing

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Nursing can take on a robotic likeness when providing care to patients. Nurses have a particular skill set to use in their scope of practice. Spirituality is not taught, but rather a personal insight on a belief system that is sacred to them. For every person, spirituality means something different to them. Florence Nightingale transformed nursing into what it is today by taking moral values into consideration to encompass nursing into a holistic practice, not just a robotic movements of patient care (Brio, 2012). It was Nightingale that inspired many movements that affected health care in achieving holistic care for every patient. Self-assessing my spirituality, there were some tough questions that I had to face. I did not consider myself…show more content…
Not that my parents went, but the children were expected to go. As I aged I stopped going, just like my parents. I no longer participate in religious activities or belong to a fellowship. However, I find myself in prayer in times of need. I do not pray on a regular basis, but I find that prayer can be very peaceful and it is a practice that I should participate more in. That begs the question if prayer really works. I do not pray on a regular basis, but only when I truly need peace and comfort. Even though it brings me comfort, I still use it as a last…show more content…
By providing that care it offers a holistic approach to a patient’s needs. Self-care is one way to provide the spiritual care that a patient needs by focusing on personal needs. Self-care is also a way to calm the chaos around one self. It allows one to participate in activities that allow for personal growth and mental health well-being. Spiritual well-being is a part of self-care, and it was discussed as the “ability to find meaning, value, and purpose in life” (Young & Koopsen, 2011, p.18). With self-awareness in spirituality, it becomes easier to assist others in their time of spiritual need. It also builds confidence not only in oneself, but confidence in the care that can be provided. Spiritual self-care seems to be a newer concept with old ties. It is an emerging awareness that is helping people provide spiritual support and guidance. It helps one focus on themselves, and not so much the world around them. Cheryl Cope discussed spiritual self-care being as important as physical cares (Cope, 2012). Cope continues to express how one can provide self-care by speaking and learning to listen to God. It was also noted that joining a fellowship could be a valuable tool in providing spiritual self-care (Cope,
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