Essay On The Metaparadigms Of Nursing

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The Four Metaparadigms of Nursing
The first defining concept of the metaparadigm of nursing is the patient also known as, the human being or persons (Butts, 2015). This concept is the reason for nursing. Individuals as a whole experience wellness and illness at some point in their lifespan and seek out medical care. Nursing is defined by providing care for individuals and assisting them in meeting their health care needs. The patient should be the center of all care provided. Each patient is different and requires individualized care. Health care should focus specifically on individual needs and incorporate the patient’s thoughts and ideas. Each patient must be at the center of their own care and educated by nursing to be proactive
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Taleghani, Alimohammadi, Mohammadi and Akbarian (2013) define nurses as individuals who are caring and fulfill the needs of individuals. In fact, nurses care for individuals of varying ages, with specific needs, requiring them to not only provide care but to provide individualized care. Rahim (2013), reports Nightingale’s definition of a nurse as a person that recognizes patients in need and assists them to reach their desired health status. Therefore, nurses are required to be multifaceted persons with proper education and clinical training. Through their many acts of caring, the nurse must be diverse and knowledgeable of various cultures, skilled clinically and knowledgeable of the most current scientific research. They may act as a mentor, educator, confidant, support system, and clinical competent individual at any time necessary (Taleghani et al., 2013). A nurse encompasses all of these qualities and works in a variety of settings in collaboration with other medical providers to promote health and wellness and improve the quality of life for individuals. An example of this includes, nursing the emergency department. Here nurses are individuals trained to provide medical care for individuals of varying ages with varying illnesses. They also must collaborate with many interdisciplinary teams to promote the best possible outcome for their
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