Essay On Social Media And Hiring

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INTRODUCTION As college students and adults prepare for the real world, people are constantly faced with how to prepare for interviews and the hiring process with jobs. One factor of that is the gray area that is the idea of social media and networking helping to assist with the hiring process. Technology has become a privacy and employment issue that future employees face. When it comes to employment companies a have no boundaries and employers need to realize that social media should be used only for non-bias practices and not employment decisions based on someone’s Facebook post. Topic: How Privacy and Employment Laws effect Social Media changing the Hiring Process. I. Fjksdjf kj The way future candidates view social media has evolved drastically over the past ten years as technology has evolved. From websites like LinkedIn to Twitter, each website provides a unique opportunity for employers to view a future candidate. According to Media Bistro/Infographic, “92%of companies” use social media as an initial step to recruit future candidates. Another statistic Media Bistro/Infographic provides is that 73% of employees hire using social media and 20% of employers say it takes less time to hire via social media. What do these small statistics mean? Majority of the time if recruiters use social media, it is like an extra step to background checks and screenings before the interviews. Social Media allows for employers to have additional information of their prospective candidate before hiring. These statistics show that employers look at a person’s profile based on the information that is public or accessible; yet the employer uses that decision to hire the future candidate. Based on what a person post, there are heavy consequenc... ... middle of paper ... ...s, talents and things that interests a candidate through searches they are able to gain a summary of who the candidate is. Lastly, many believe through using social media is a time saver because it is a direct collection of data to find a specific candidate needed. III. Recent Developments : An example of the pros and cons of privacy in the work place while during the hiring process is in 2012, a company in Maryland decided to ask job seekers to log into personal profiles and search through wall posts. As this is becoming more of trend many creative ways to monitor the posts. Another example within this sector is the athletic program at the University of North Carolina, “Each team must identify at least one coach or administrator who is responsible for having access to and regularly monitoring the content of team member social networking sites and postings”

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