Pros And Cons Of Social Media Presence Policy For College Admissions

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Social Media Presence Policy for College Admission. More and more, colleges, universities and employers are using online research as part of the evaluation and selection of future students and employees. Social networking and online presence are becoming the source of applicants’ scrutiny, sometimes overrunning private spaces and bringing up issues of freedom of speech. In an effort for avoiding the violation prospect students’ rights, as well as attaining some legal grants to incorporate social media presence screening in the admission processes we proposed the following Social Media Presence Policy for College Admission. College admissions officers may not review the social media presence of an applicant during the process of admissions.…show more content…
Allowing college admission officers to use social media presence, in special situations, as an instrument to assist them in the evaluation of prospect students is an excellent way to move and progress at the same rate the times we are living. Nowadays, Social Media Presence and Social Networking play a fundamental role in the way individuals connect and relate with others, with their social environment, and their community. It is then, necessary for a college to be able to considerate these factors when the screening and assessment of some prospect students takes place. 2. The proposed social media presence policy of college admissions does not look for reasons to deny students admittance in college. Instead, by accessing social network sites based on prospect student requests, it allows, among other things, the highlighting of their positive and unique interests, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. In this case social media presence becomes a marketing opportunity for students applying to college. Building a positive and appealing social media profile as well as posting academic relevant activities, achievements, and special interests will work in favor of prospect students at the time of admission…show more content…
The proposed social media presence policy for college admissions may be seen as an unequal treatment of applicants. Even today, when technology is thought to be everywhere and at everybody’s reach, the reality is that a minority of people do not own a computer, others have not access to the Internet, and a larger group does not have the time or the knowledge to maintain a social media presence that can be used as part of an admission process to college. This situation is a clear disadvantage to some prospect students. 2. If the educational institution takes any negative actions against applicants, and such actions result in the rejection or revoking of admission, the aforementioned applicants may consider this actions unfair and may peruse legal actions against the institution based on a bill introduced in the House of Representatives on February 2, of 2013, which states that a higher education institute is not allowed to require or request from prospect students any means to access their email account or their personal account on any social networking website (H.R.537 - Social Networking Online Protection Act,

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