The Effect Of Social Media On Recruit And Selection

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Recruiting and hiring for vacant or newly created positions has changed over the past 5 years. Recruiters now have various new options for posting and advertising for these positions. Just as there are numerous ways to advertise there are various ways for recruiters to screen and find potential candidates. In this paper I will explore how social media offers new options that recruiters now have compared to what they had in years past. There will also be a discussion about how recruiters use social media and what needs to be done to avoid legal pitfalls, specifically avoiding discrimination of certain protected classes. The internet has opened new avenues for companies in regards to finding new candidates for filling vacant of newly created …show more content…

Susan Sholinsky, an employment lawyer at Epstein Becker Green, comments on using only social media and how this could be type discrimination. “This practice may have a disparate impact on certain minorities, who are statistically under-represented on professional social media sites.” Not only are minorities an area of concern but there is also a potential age bias. “Some research has suggested that younger individuals may be less concerned about privacy than prior generations. Thus, members of younger generations might be more accepting of the use of these sites to recruit. Further, if older generations are less technologically savvy or have more limited access to the technology, they may consider recruiting through these sites to be less acceptable.”(Davison,Maraist, & Bing, 2011 ) Again there is the potential for hiring discrimination to occur, although this may be unintentional, the practice of posting and recruiting for jobs through social media channels is a balancing act of finding the perfect candidate while also not discriminating against any groups that are protected under the civil rights act. Gone are the days when recruiters are faced with a mountain of applications and resumes and then sifting through them to find the best match and then having the “first impression” interview. Often recruiters are searching social media sites using key words to find candidates and to research candidates that have already applied to see what outside of work activities they participate in and to see if they will fit in well with the company

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