Social Media And Negative Essay

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Millions of college students in 2015 choose to use social media sites to express themselves each and every day. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or yes, even some people are still on Myspace; almost everyone you know is on social media. What exactly does this say about our society? Are we becoming too dependent on social media and do the negatives outweigh the benefits? It is important to be educated on what exactly are the benefits of using social media as a college student and what the dangers are. College students have the right to fully express themselves on social media, but it comes with a cost if they’re not careful.

Our society today is a society obsessed with technology. Many people, including myself, are guilty
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Personally, I say no, it is not a breach of privacy. When posting to a social media site as a college student, you should be aware that you are putting your information on the World Wide Web and that it will now become available for anyone who chooses

to access.

Other than dangers for admissions, there are other dangers college students need to be aware of when posting their every move on social media sites. Some schools have strict social media policies where students can actually be suspended or even kicked off sports teams based on their social media posts. Just by Googling “colleges and social media rules” many college websites come up with their rules. A college student must remember they are a representation of their school at all times.

Joey Casselberry, a junior college student at Bloomsburg University was suspended from his baseball team for an offensive post he wrote on twitter about Mo’ne Davis, who was in the Little League

World Series (Perry, College Player Kicked off team for Controversial Mo’ne Davis Tweet).

People may ask how it 's fair to be penalized for something he said on his personal Twitter
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In today 's world, many employers are also looking at social media sites when determining if they will hire a person. Also, after employment, a person’s boss may fire them based on what was said or pictured on social media. College gets you ready for the real world. That is why it is important to learn early on that there are consequences for your actions, including your social media posts.
In "The World is a Text", the audience is told that we are always trying to read and make sense of our surroundings. This is referred to as a "semiotic situation" (Silverman, Rader, 2012, pg. 5).
Semiotic situations are interpreting signs or texts and then trying to make sense of it all
(Silverman, Rader, 2012, pg. 5). Every time a person looks at Facebook, Instagram or any social media site they are in a semiotic situation. When checking out a person’s Facebook page you are instantly making an assessment of who that person is based off what they post and what their pictures are. This means everything you post will also be judged. This is important to keep in

mind when applying to schools. What if the person looking at your posts and pictures is a college

professor or works in admissions in the school you want to
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