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The Effects of Different Parenting Styles
Parenting causes a large impact in the upbringing of a child. Many cultures and different families believe in different disciplining styles, and each different kind of parenting style influences the child’s future. Although there are millions of families and each has their unique ways of raising their children, the different parenting styles can be classified into 4 major categories. According to research conducted by psychologist Diana Baumrind in the late 1960’s, the major discipline styles are Authoritative, Authoritarian, and Permissive (1967). Later on, a fourth parenting style, Uninvolved parenting, was added.
This paper will be analyzing the parenting styles of Mr. and Mrs. Harsh-Heart and Mr. and Mrs. Easy-Going. The strict parenting styles of Mr. and Mrs. Harsh-Heart can be classified as Authoritarian while the democratic parenting styles of Mr. and Mrs. Easy-Going can be classified under Authoritative. These 2 different parenting styles have different advantages and disadvantages as well as different outcomes in the development of the child.
Mr. and Mrs. Harsh-Heart discipline their children the Authoritarian way. They have very strict rules and demands that they expect to be followed with no questions asked or logical reasoning behind them. There is little to no communication between parents and children and they use spanking as punishment. They don’t display positive reinforcement and show very little love and warmth to their children. Because raised under strict conditions and punishments, these children’s ability to follow rules are excellent. However, because raised within strict guidelines, these children are used to going by the book. They are not encouraged and don’t feel...

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...d controversies that make it an ineffective and devaluing means of disciplining. Because there are so many different people and cultures in the world, there are many different ways of raising a child. While it is hard to stick to certain guidelines to parent (since children are so unpredictable), it is important to explore and implement different ways to discipline in order to raise a well-rounded and virtuous child.

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