Parenting Styles Affect Children's Self-Esteem Essay

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Do Parenting Styles Affect Children’s Self-esteem Since before until now, a lot of studies have examined parenting styles related to parent’s gender as well as parenting behaviour will also affect children’s even adolescence’s self-esteem. Initially, there are three type of parenting styles which are authoritarian parenting style, permissive parenting style and authoritative parenting style. Authoritarian parenting style is parents that show in high demanding but inconsiderable responsiveness toward their children. Permissive parenting style is parents that low on demanding but high in responsiveness to their children. While, authoritative parenting style is most likely the combination of authoritarian and permissive parenting style. Those parents are showing considerable responsiveness toward their children but also with demand (Baumrind, 1971). However, from the past studies, parenting style had distinguished to 4 types. While permissive parenting style had differentiated to 2 categories which are indulgent, parents that are more responsiveness but low on demands toward their children and neglectful, parents that do not care and demand their…show more content…
In the previous study, Milevsky, Schlechter, Klem, and Kehl (2008) states that adolescence with either both parents are neglectful parenting style or one of the parent is neglectful parenting style score lower on self-esteem than adolescence without neglectful parenting style parent. In daily life, parents that let their children involve in making family decision lead their children to higher self-esteem level than parents that only want their children obey without giving any reason. Parents with authoritative parenting style are more flexible, openness to discussion and also willing to compromise toward their children. In a sample of 230 college student, Buri, Louiselle, Misukanis and Mueller (1988) found that
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