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Environmental pollution is one of the serious crisis nowadays. It is fact that three basic elements air, water and land which constitute harmony of nature for proper and balance living of all organisms. Among these elements, air pollution is the crisis we often facing in these few years, and many disease and health problems were caused by the condition of bad air quality. Air pollution can be divided into 2 types, which are outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution. This report is studied about indoor air pollution about its causes, effects and some strategies to overcome it. (Waseem et al., 2013)

Activities of daily living require individuals to spend more than 80% of their time indoors (offices, schools, hospitals, daycare, shopping centers, private homes); therefore, the air quality of such spaces may affect the health of their occupants. The potential contaminants are distinct in origin: those derived from combustion, biological processes and agents, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Contaminants and the pathological processes derived from exposure to them differ according to income level, geographical location and individual cultural determinants. In developed countries, Indoor air contaminants are influenced by the architectural design of buildings, outdoor sources of pollution, construction materials and ventilation and air conditioning systems. In developing countries, the use of biomass as a combustible for cooking or heating in homes is the main source of IAC. (Waseem et al., 2013)

We can concluded that the indoor air pollution is affected by the housing conditions and living conditions but to some extent it is also affected by the outdoor environment after regarding variable of indoor air pollution an...

... middle of paper ... it can happen. It is a matter for discussion whether it would be reasonable to use this material in places favourable for growth such as bathrooms.
6. If uncertainties increase in seriousness and extent (for example climate change effects or (fine) dust from outdoors), a scientific analysis or even a political societal debate is required. This will result in a definition of the widely accepted risk problem, a strategy to measure the problem or to keep it ‘on the table’ and eventually to design a decision framework.


Health and education starts from where we spend most of our time. So pollution indoor has a close hearing on our health. Indoor pollution is the contamination of all the pollutants which together forms the overall ambience of indoor environment. If we cannot keep our houses free from pollution, how outdoor is expected to be safer.
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