Importance Of Air Quality Essay

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Air is an important aspect of our lives that allows us to live on the planet Earth. Without air, we could not survive. As humans, we rely on air to survive, so the quality of our air should also be important to us. “Adults breathe in about 10-20 cubic meters of air everyday. That is about twenty-thousand breaths. Children breathe almost twice that amount…” (B.C. Air Quality). Air has so much to do with the health and survival of many living organisms on this planet. Therefore, in this paper, we will talk about the chemistry behind air quality, what effects air quality in our environment, but more importantly how we can improve air quality itself to make the planet a much more greener place. Air is a mixture of many different gases. The main gases in our air is nitrogen and oxygen. The gases that exist in our…show more content…
The different gaseous pollutants, like nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide will react with water droplets formed in clouds which will produce sulphuric and nitric acid. When it starts to rain, the clouds will release acidic water droplets. Luckily, the water droplets are weak in acidity, similar to lemon juice. Acid rain cannot burn us like strong acids do, they can only irritate the skin. Even though, acid rain cannot hurt us health wise, we must be aware of what it does to our environment. According to Washington University, acid rain effects bigger bodies of waters like lakes and ponds, therefore the living organisms like fish end up dying. Forests are also effected when acid rain reaches the soil which allow the trees to grow healthy and strong. The material of buildings can also erode at a faster rate, especially if buildings or landmarks are made of materials like limestone and sandstone. Acid rain exists purely because of the air pollutants that exist. Therefore, it is important to find a way to reduce pollutants to better improve our air quality (What Is Acid

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