Persuasive Essay On Coal Pollution

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In 2007, the world consumed 5.3 billion tons of coal, 31.1 billion tons of oil, 2.92 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, and 65,000 tons of uranium. All of these energy needs could have been met with only 6,600 tons of thorium, an abundant, slightly radioactive element found in the Earth’s crust.
We depend on energy; nothing in our daily lives could be possible without it. Electricity primarily comes from burning fossil fuels or using nuclear reactors. But the plain truth is, we are running out of fossil fuels. Our known oil deposits will run out in approximately 35 years, and if we increase the use of natural gas and coal to make up for the energy loss, our natural gas will last for 45 years and coal deposits will deplete in 75 years.
The effects of using fossil fuels are starker than their timelines. Humans release approximately two billion metric tons of pollution annually, mostly from the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas; this pollution is destroying our environment and the ozone layer. Ozone and smog damage forests, crops, and other plant life, and reduces visibility. Other pollutants have the same …show more content…

Because light water reactors manage dangerously high pressures, large containment buildings have to be built. Liquid fluoride thorium reactors have no high pressure and are safer, so less money is spent on construction and safety systems. The fuel cost is lower as well because thorium is four times more common than uranium. Developing liquid fluoride thorium reactors and factories to meet our energy needs would cost around $5 billion. The total to build a 100-megawatt liquid fluoride thorium reactor on an assembly line would total about $200 million, and the fuel costs about $10,000 per year. In comparison, it costs $10-12 billion to make one new light water reactor and $50-60 million for fuel every

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