Essay About Internship

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I have learned so much from this internship process and many things have gotten me ready for what I experience and other not as much. There have been many positives that have happened and other negative that have made me stronger as a person and stronger in my faith. I had only been at CCU for one semester before this internship and the classes that I took all did help me in some way or another throughout my internship. The first classes would be my New Testament class and Old Testament class, which taught me so much for than I ever knew about the bible, with the people, dates, fact ect. These classes helped me because they gave me more knowledge about my faith and scripture to build my relationship with God but also so that I would be able…show more content…
We would be sensitive with family problem, education problems, sexual problems and psychological problems, depression etc. We had to care for the student’s emotions and thoughts when it came to all of those areas and of course let the Holy Spirit lead us when we ever had to deal with anything in those areas and to follow Jesus’ commandment to love others no matter what. Those are all issues that you will deal with in any sort of ministry within the church and they all need to be dealt with love and sensitivity. Then with spiritual orientation, we would always push student toward God in everything we do and everything they do. No matter where a student was spiritually we would love on them and just be there for them in every moment and through every struggle. But our youth ministries Spiritual orientation would be implied by what Christians believe and what the bible says. When it comes to things that would lead students way from church because it was to religious, we would have to be more sensitive in those areas and understand that many students don’t get the reasoning behind certain areas. For example I would say communion. Not saying we don’t do communion but we don’t do it as much as regular church does. Then speaking about spiritual gift, because many students wouldn’t understand those areas as much and could freak
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