Reflection Paper On Internship

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This reflection paper is divided into five main sections. The first section gives a general introduction of internship that I was doing during my internship period. The second section provides an overview of the internship practice and tasks that I was assigned to do. The third section is about the office technologies I used during the internship. The fourth section is about the benefits of the RCBC Paralegal Program courses taken as applied to the work that I performed. The final section is devoted to the knowledge and experience that I gained during the course of internship. I am very interested in law career. My career goal is to be a legal analyst, and I decided to start my carwith a paralegal degree. I am going to finish my two years paralegal degree at Rowan College at Burlington County in 2016. I am looking forward learning everything I can about being a paralegal. Later, I am thinking to further my education in law. Like most…show more content…
Each county has a Surrogate Court and the Surrogate is the Judge of that Court. The Surrogate serves as Deputy Clerk of the Superior Court, Chancery Division, Probate Part, and Chancery Division, Family Part for adoptions, as well as Judge of the Surrogate’s Court. The Surrogate is a constitutional officer who is elected to the position by county voters every five years. The County Surrogate has the authority to qualify executors and trustees named in wills, to appoint administrators for those who die without wills, and to appoint guardians for minors and legally incapacitated persons. The Surrogate’s office is also responsible for overseeing the procedure in contested estate matters, in the declaration of incapacitation, in appointment of guardians, and in the granting of adoptions in the Superior Court of New
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