I can, I will, and I must: Application Essay for Summer Internship

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I can, I will & I must.
These words have been key point behind my learning. It has helped me to frame my targets & reach the goals of my carrier, which I strongly believe in materials science. The modern world is loaded with ballistic variations in gadgets & devices, with miniaturization being the ace of the cards. With the technology getting bigger the demand for Nano devices has been larger and Materials Sciences & engineering has a lion’s share in accomplishing it. This extrudes me to think beyond boundaries with rationality together with addition of creativeness and innovation upon it. The need for thinking out of the box is of paramount importance in order to forge the current growing demands. To accomplish this I want to pursue my summer internship in Materials Science & be a part of the research which will be a forefront of such changes.
I had always had an analytical and logical approach towards learning from childhood days. During my schooling, I not only concentrated to Science and Mathematics but also homogenized my efforts on all subjects, there by performing well in all the subjects. Cumulative effort of all these assisted me in cracking AIEEE 2011, landing me in one of the premier institutes of the country, National Institute Of technology Rourkela, India.
The courses in my professional major(metallurgy and materials engineering) not only focused on metallurgy of metals but also on Science and technology of materials sciences. Subjects like thermodynamics, phase transformation, casting, physics of materials gave a better insight about the course. Till the completion of my 4th semester I had taken two open electives(OE) fundamentals of tissue Engineering and Chemistry of Nanomaterials, only to get closer to nanomat...

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...he research interest of various faculty National Tsing Hua University and found to overlap considerably with that of mine. The research work being carried out at National Tsing Hua University on nanomaterials is quite diverse and exhaustive. The university is among the best in Asia & offers excellent opportunities for research in materials science & engineering. I find research field on Nanomaterials to be mesmerizing & eminently compatible with my interest. The excellent research facilities in nanomaterials at National Tsing Hua University along with the able faculty guidance would offer me invaluable opportunity to complete my summer research internship studies. I am confident that I have the necessary drive, intellectual competence and requisite skills to succeed in your internship Program, and I look forward to joining and contributing to the ongoing research.

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