Effects Of Segregation In Education

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Across the nation, the concentration of low-income students in impoverished schools is increasing. De facto segregation by socioeconomic status generates tremendous inequality – inequality between schools composed of mostly low-income students and schools filled with mostly high-income students. More affluent students tend to be white, thus, segregation by socioeconomic status translates into segregation by race and ethnicity, as well. This separate system of schooling decreases performance outcomes for all students. A 2010 meta-analysis found that students of all socioeconomic statuses, races, ethnicities, and grade levels were likely to have higher mathematics performance if they attended socioeconomically and racially integrated schools…show more content…
According to an evaluation by the U.S. Department of Education, in schools with less than 7 percent poverty, 27.6 percent of poor students and 11 percent of non-poor students achieved below the national average. However, when school poverty levels increase to greater than 24 percent, 56 percent of poor students and 36.9 percent of non-poor students fell below the national average. (Kennedy, 1986) Thus, concentrations of poverty affected the non-poor students in the school, even more so than the poor students. Therefore, economic segregation in schools jeopardizes the futures of all children, their employment prospects, and our…show more content…
(Frankenberg, 2010) Providing a diverse learning environment is the key to splintering clusters of poverty, fostering inclusive social skills, and utilizing positive peer and parent influence to the benefit of both advantaged and disadvantaged children. Our proposed solution to correcting the problem of inequality within the Chicago Public School system, specifically, is to abolish the current enrollment system through a shift in the sources of school funding and implementation of a strategically diverse enrollment model, making quality education available to students of all demographics. The stratagem we plan to apply places the majority of funding power into the state 's hands; however, local school boards will play the pivotal role in determining where students will attend school, allowing for regional
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