Role of a Counselor in Closing the Achievement Gap

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What role do you believe a counselor should take in closing the achievement gap? Is this an issue strictly for teachers and administrators? What specific strategies could a counselor use to be a part of closing the achievement gap? Use information from the required reading (as well as other research you can find), but also try to be creative and think of a strategy in addition to the ones you have read. Locate, read, and cite at least three journal articles in your response to these assignments.

The primary role counselors should take in closing the achievement gap begins first by becoming proactive prevention experts. Low-income students benefit from what schools offer while other students have the luxury of advantages offered in the home. Counselors’ role is to ensure each student graduate with the required skills to succeed in the everyday world. Majority of the skills may not be from tests or assessments but from everyday life skills and social competence. These skills will not only benefit the current students but will assist generations to come by installing parental values in current students. I believe that counselors must introduce programs with interventions that focus around racial-ethnic and socioeconomic students in their existing environment.

Achievement gaps in schools across America impinge on racial-ethnic and socioeconomic status groups. For generations school systems focus on improving the achievement gaps for low-income and minority students. Statistics have provided evidenced that the school systems made enormous progress between 1970 and 1988, but came to a halt thereafter. Presently in the 20th century the gap has widened and the need for improvement is challenging for the school administr...

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...and the problems that surface. Rapport is an important tool that allows counselors to gain trust, which aid in breaking barriers that hinder the success of the students. The goal is to assist students with reaching their education and person aspirations.

Counselors are open-minded and do not pass judgment verbally or physically at anytime while assisting students. Prejudging minimizes responses from distressed or problematic students. Giving advice and assistance should not be based on counselors’ personal opinion. Good counselors will refrain from bias and therefore communicate effective skills to empower students. Counselor should become listeners, observers, and advisers.

To make a long story short utilizing good counseling techniques will progress students self confidence and independence. Once a student is empowered they will see growth within his/herself.
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