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In the fast pace world we live in today, when potential customers come to our website we want to make sure they return to use the website again. There are several items that must be addressed in P.O.D. e-Commerce Business to customer website one of is to have repeat customers is performance and service. “A site must be efficiently designed for ease of access, shopping, and buying, with sufficient server power and network capacity to support website traffic” (O’Brien & Marakas, 2007, p. 294). Some thing that will need to be addressed is how big the server should be that will be used to power the site. If we anticipate our site to have a high volume of customers, we will need to decide how many customers our server handles before it crashes. No matter what we do to increase our site’s performance, we will face the reality of what the customer perceives as high performance and efficiency. With this site, we will have to continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology to keep our customers coming back to our site. P.O.D. wants consumers to come to our site and navigate quickly through their selections in building their cellular phones. When they first come to the sight we can reduce the graphic file sizes to allow the page to populate faster, for example, reducing the amount of images and making them as small as possible, which will also help in the site’s performance.

Not only will we need to address the performance of our website, we also need to have strategies to ensure that customers are attracted to our site. The importance of understanding the crucial elements of customer relationship management (CRM) becomes increasingly clear when one considers there is no person-to-person opportunity to form relationships in an e-business. We must therefore depend on elements of the customer-to-website interaction to deliver a satisfying relationship. “CRM allows a business to identify and target their best customers…so they can be retained as lifelong customers for greater and more profitable services” (O’Brien & Marakas, 2007, p. 242).

The question is how do we get customers to visit our website? We would have to take the perspective of our website being the face of our e-Commerce business. Looking at what we offer, purchasing a cellular phone on-demand to customers’ specification require our site to be informative.

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