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  • Ease Of Using Search Engines

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    “It is easy for all users to find specific information on the World Wide Web”. Because the web is relatively new in terms of reaching a large percentage of a country’s population, users’ experience, understanding and expertise varies widely. Technically-minded people will arguably have been familiar with the World Wide Web for longer, and therefore be able to find specific information more efficiently, if not more quickly than less experienced users. Defining ‘easy’ in terms of using the World

  • The Sacred in Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease

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    Longer At Ease is one of a number of tropes which represent the shifting of the locus of "the sacred" from community to individual.  This trope, and others like it, reflects upon the way in which European influence has directed the social significance of spirituality through the process of colonization.  Through the examination of these tropes, one should develop a critical awareness of the relationship between the sacred and the profane in the Modern context of No Longer At Ease, observing

  • Analysis Of Obi Okonkwo 'No Longer At Ease'

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    Caught between the vicissitudes of two ever-changing societies (Nigeria and Britain), Obi Okonkwo is No Longer at Ease. This title is the second book of the well-known “African trilogy” by the Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe. Concerned about the socio-political matters of African societies, his novel unveils a very skilful depiction of Nigeria during European imperialism in the late 1950’s. Achebe focuses on the growth of his protagonist Obi, to establish a major theme of the impact of British colonialism

  • Corruption is the Norm in Nigeria in Chinua Achebe's Novel, No Longer at Ease

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    Corruption, is a consistent theme which was used by Chinua Achebe in the novel “No Longer at Ease”, he makes known of the theme by showing that corruption was an elementary piece of the Nigerian civil and business organisation during the colonial era. Although the novel was written in the 1960’s, the theme of the story is still in existence in modern day Nigeria where there is still extensive bribery and corruption .Corruption consists of a diffident diversity of practices, which includes embezzlement

  • Ease of Speech

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    brave I am for public speaking in the first place. Bravery is fine, but, to one day have a fangroup of your own, you need to be smart. Sometimes it is easier to calm the dragon than it is to slay it with a sword, just as it is to win an audience with ease of speech than with a “perfect” strategy.

  • No Longer at Ease

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    No Longer at Ease The story explores the conflicts in Obi Okonkwo's life. He is a young man from Eastern Nigeria who has to develop his career in the midst of all his problems. He is pressurised by the men of his tribe, the Umuofia Progressive Union, not to forget his traditions and to pay his dues to they helped him to be educated. He is also faced with the conflict of adhering to the Christian principle his father Isaac Okonkwo, a staunch Christian, raised him with and the seduction

  • Army Cadets at Newcastle Under Lyme School often use their .22 ranges

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    larger than the secondary seven segment displays as to let the user view his or her score with great ease. The approximate cost of the product is to be something around the region of about £25 as to cover the cost of manufacture, components, storage and the battery. The exact cost at this time remains oblivious to me but this is a rough estimate of what the final cost may be. The ease of use is inevitable as this product is to be used primarily by cadets from the Newcastle Under Lyme School

  • Counselling Assessment Essay

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    Assessment Part 1 1a Written knowledge questions 1. How you would meet the client’s individual needs and expectations while using a structured approach to counselling? The structured approach to counselling will depend on the type of counselling method each counsellor uses. The use of structure provides the client with a framework which will be used in the counselling process, which in turn supports the client through the stages of resolving their problems or concerns. Using a structured approach

  • Process Essay - How an Aerosol Can Works

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    aerosol can is more convenient than the old-fashioned jars of liquid polish or cans of powdered cleanser, which can spill or be applied too thickly.  At the same time, however, most of us probably do not know how the aerosol can works.  We accept its ease and convenience without realizing that the aerosol can is quite a complex container. An aerosol is not a simple cleaner or polish; it is a colloidal system.  That means it consists of finely divided liquid or solid particles, called a product

  • Initial Session Analysis

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    client. This allows the client to understand the purpose of the session and a mutual understanding, particularly with the development of case plan goals. C. Initial observations of the client(s) The client was physically well groomed and seemed at ease, emotionally the client was optimistic and open to the session’s

  • Tesco Website

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    lose a few customers but now that broadband is becoming more of a standard connection, this is Tesco’s target audience. Here is a screen print of the homepage so you can see how bad it might be for 56k user’s. This site has been designed for ease of use. The main navigation includes all the main sections of the website and runs down the left side of each page. Clicking on any of these items will take you to a specific section of the website. Choosing a section will also reveal any further

  • Better Me

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    My grandmothers house has always been a safe haven for me. When I’m here I feel safe , I feel like nothing can get to me , nothing can interrupt the comfort and ease I feel when I’m here. There have been multiple times when I’m going through something at home or personal and this is the place I come to escape and gain some perspective and clarity. My grandmother's house is so comforting because she makes everyone feel at home and welcomed in her house. My grandmother is one who can instantly tell

  • Comparing E-Mail and the US Postal Service

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    the greatest things to happen to the world. Despite this, there are people who find difficulties in using either E-mail or conventional mail. To help decide whether to use E-mail or the United States postal Service, a comparison of each one’s speed, ease of use, reliability, and cost is a helping factor. The speed in which the mail is transported is an important factor in sending mail by either E-mail or the postal system. E-mail easily has the leading edge in this field. With a click of a button

  • East of the Mountains By David Gutterson

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    committing suicide he had met many people. A young couple who really get along with each other, a drifter who gave him some marijuana to ease the pain of his cancer, a veterinarian, a rancher and a migrant worker. The summary of this story starts when Ben wakes up from another night of suffering from colon cancer. This day he had planned on his hunting trip that would ease his suffering. He had everything ready in the morning and he made it seem like he was just going on a hunting trip. Right when he starts

  • John Steinbeck's Cannery Row

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    and it was amazing! 18. Yes I would defiantly read something else by this author because I’ve like both of the books I’ve read by him. 19. “Being at ease with himself put him at ease with the world.” Just because I feel like this is one of the most inspirational quotes from the book 20. If I had to come up with a slogan my slogan would say “Be at ease” Novel Project Title of Novel or Title of Novel Name Date Marlar Period

  • Important Role of Prayer in Homer's Odyssey

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    with him and helped him. She would disguise herself to help and protect Telemakhos as he began his journey. Penelope was the next instance of prayer. She prayed that the gods would ease her pain and protect her son. A higher being, possibly an angel was sent to her to tell her that things would be ok and to ease her mind. She was also usually put into a deep sleep. When Telemakhos and Penelope prayed, their prayers were heard and for the most part answered, maybe not in the way that they wished

  • Helper Client Confidentiality

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    provides great benefits for the client/helper relationship. The client should feel informed about the therapeutic process, and providing them with such information at the beginning can help to ease the client’s concerns about what can and cannot be done with their information. The client should feel at ease when the helper informs him or her that their information is strictly confidential except given the circumstance noted above. It is also an opportunity for the client to ask question for clarification

  • Metro Ethernet

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    perspective, which placed more emphasis on costs and ease of use over reliability. There were a number of different competing LAN technologies, two of the most common being Token Ring (IBM) and Ethernet (everyone else). The triumph of Ethernet in the marketplace, to the extent where it is included in every PC, game console and some refrigerators, provides a consistent and relatively inexpensive way to build internal networks with relative ease. As the internal PC networks continued to grow and thrive

  • Escape in Ode to a Nightingale and La Belle Dans sans Merci

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    appears to have something unique about its life as it is enshrouded with happiness. One feels that there is something so simplistic about it all. I think this is borne out by the following quotation: "Singest of summer in full-throated ease." I think "ease" is the key word here. It identifies with the total freedom from pa... ... middle of paper ... ...isses but the mouth is gaping instead, because he is shocked at the situation which is loveless. It is also interesting that Keats has made

  • Potential and Deceit in Saki's "The Open Window"

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    Through subtle and discrete methods, Saki implies vast amounts of truth about society. How at ease and dependant one can become – that one neglects to see the immature and fraudulent intentions underneath – throughout his short story “The Open Window”. Saki’s story which has a character whose art of deception, which takes in the form of maiming the real meaning of the open window and disguising it in her lies, to the point where her victim’s gullibility takes a toll open his well being is a clear