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  • On Dis-ease

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    It is a matter of time before we all die. Aging and death remain almost as mysterious as ever. We feel awed and uncomfortable when we contemplate these twin afflictions. Indeed, the very word denoting illness contains its own best definition: dis-ease. A mental component of lack of well being must exist SUBJECTIVELY. The person must FEEL bad, must experience discomfiture for his condition to qualify as a disease. To this extent, we are justified in classifying all dieases "spiritual" or "mental"

  • Ease Of Using Search Engines

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    “It is easy for all users to find specific information on the World Wide Web”. Because the web is relatively new in terms of reaching a large percentage of a country’s population, users’ experience, understanding and expertise varies widely. Technically-minded people will arguably have been familiar with the World Wide Web for longer, and therefore be able to find specific information more efficiently, if not more quickly than less experienced users. Defining ‘easy’ in terms of using the World

  • The Sacred in Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease

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    Longer At Ease is one of a number of tropes which represent the shifting of the locus of "the sacred" from community to individual.  This trope, and others like it, reflects upon the way in which European influence has directed the social significance of spirituality through the process of colonization.  Through the examination of these tropes, one should develop a critical awareness of the relationship between the sacred and the profane in the Modern context of No Longer At Ease, observing

  • Analysis Of Obi Okonkwo 'No Longer At Ease'

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    Caught between the vicissitudes of two ever-changing societies (Nigeria and Britain), Obi Okonkwo is No Longer at Ease. This title is the second book of the well-known “African trilogy” by the Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe. Concerned about the socio-political matters of African societies, his novel unveils a very skilful depiction of Nigeria during European imperialism in the late 1950’s. Achebe focuses on the growth of his protagonist Obi, to establish a major theme of the impact of British colonialism

  • Corruption is the Norm in Nigeria in Chinua Achebe's Novel, No Longer at Ease

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    Corruption, is a consistent theme which was used by Chinua Achebe in the novel “No Longer at Ease”, he makes known of the theme by showing that corruption was an elementary piece of the Nigerian civil and business organisation during the colonial era. Although the novel was written in the 1960’s, the theme of the story is still in existence in modern day Nigeria where there is still extensive bribery and corruption .Corruption consists of a diffident diversity of practices, which includes embezzlement

  • Ease of Speech

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    brave I am for public speaking in the first place. Bravery is fine, but, to one day have a fangroup of your own, you need to be smart. Sometimes it is easier to calm the dragon than it is to slay it with a sword, just as it is to win an audience with ease of speech than with a “perfect” strategy.

  • No Longer at Ease

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    No Longer at Ease The story explores the conflicts in Obi Okonkwo's life. He is a young man from Eastern Nigeria who has to develop his career in the midst of all his problems. He is pressurised by the men of his tribe, the Umuofia Progressive Union, not to forget his traditions and to pay his dues to they helped him to be educated. He is also faced with the conflict of adhering to the Christian principle his father Isaac Okonkwo, a staunch Christian, raised him with and the seduction

  • The power and Ease of The Automobile

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    Since the end of the 1800's we have had the luxury of being able to travel with the power and ease of the automobile. This wondrous device we have all come to rely upon for our daily routines day after day, year after year, and for over a century now, to the surprise of many who had not thought about it, it is essentially the same as it has been in theory for the majority of that century. To the current few generations with us today, we use these devices to commute to various places of interest,

  • The Trap-Ease Mousetrap

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    The Trap-Ease Mousetrap If a man [can]… make a better mousetrap than his neighbor…the world will make a beaten path to his door. True, but only if the world perceives more value in it than the next door neighbor’s. Statement of the Problem Despite the publicity and the proven uniqueness of Trap-Ease mousetrap, both demand and sales fall radically short of expectations. The purpose of this analysis is to identify the root of the problem and how it can possibly be solved. Price It

  • The Right to Breath With Ease

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    Secondhand smoke is a combination of the smoke produced at the end of a burning cigarette and that that a smoker exhales. It can easily be identified by its distinct odor and is retained in clothing, furniture, hair, and curtains. Secondhand smoke contains over 4000 chemicals with more than 50 of these known to cause cancer (Report of the Surgeon General). It contains numerous toxic metals including lead, cadmium, nickel, beryllium, radioactive polonium-210, and arsenic, found in many pesticides