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  • Airplane Crashes

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    Airplane Crashes There are many airplane accidents a year. On an average, 70 –80% are human error. Though there are many other factors, such as design factors, management, and weather factors, human error is the largest. Each one of these factors played a certain role in the three articles of accidents. The BOAC Comet, the PSA crashes in San Diego, and the Air Florida crash in Washington D.C., were analyzed differently, taking into consideration each possible factor. Within the follow

  • Jet Crashes

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    In this story: 'No chance of rescue' At least 100 cars set afire Pilot reports balance problem RELATED STORIES, SITES From staff and wire reports RANCHO CORDOVA, California (CNN) - The investigation into the fiery crash of an Emery cargo jet that killed all three crew members is focused on a shift in the plane's load shortly after it took off from Sacramento, California. The DC-8 plunged into a nearby auction yard of wrecked cars

  • The causes and effects of the stock crashes

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    The causes and effects of the stock crashes Almost 75 years and almost 20 years ago, there were huge crashes in New York. These crashes caused an uproar throughout the nation. Number of people died, billions of dollars lost and damaged lots of lives. Those crashes had been called most severe of the 20th century. Those crashes are symbolized as Black Days. Well, you might think that those crashes could be car crashes or plane crashes or train crashes. You might also think that if nation

  • Plane Crashes 24/7

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    Since 2013, fifteen horrible plane crashes have occurred. The most recent plane crash occurred on March 8, 2014. Flight 370 left from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and was heading to Beijing Capital International Airport. The plane had 239 passengers on board and the crash killed all of them. However, there are ways that plane crashes like these can be prevented. In this paper, I will argue that plane crashed such as these can be prevented with advanced technology. Then, I will explain

  • Common Causes of Plane Crashes

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    extremely terrifying ordeals for all those involved due to a vast array of reasons. The causes of these accidents are of varying nature and depend on some problems that are originated during some stage of the flight process. Main Causes of Plane Crashes 1. Decent and Landing Accidents Airplane decent and landing accidents have been statistically proven to be one of the most common forms of airplane incidents. Ultimately accounting for about 37% airplane accidents, there are several different stages

  • Colobia And Challenger Shutle Crashes

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    Going to the Stars Almost everybody as a child had at one time or another been fascinated by space exploration, the great mystery and excitement of the last frontier. Science Fiction led us on to what may be out there. There was a base for reality in space, though, Astronauts. Astronauts were amazing, intelligent people that were bigger than life. They were in the cutting edge of technology, pushing the limits of human knowledge. They did what no one else could. They traveled to places no one

  • How An Economy Crashes And The 2008 Recession

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    “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes” and the 2008 Recession In 2008, the U.S economy went through the “Great Recession,” possibly as a result of inappropriate and ineffective regulation in the banking system, causing Lehman Brothers to file for bankruptcy. There was a large debt and housing bubble which resulted in plummeting real estate prices and financial securities. Peter D. Schiff’s “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes” uses comic illustrations and a simple storyline to teach readers

  • Crashes of High-Speed Train and More

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    Accidents happen all the time all over the world. Crisis management is a critical organizational function. When an accident involves general public, government is expected to manage the crisis. How the public react to the accident is largely depend on how the crisis is managed. Recently, the Chinese public’s reaction to the train crash was different from the public of the West would have responded to similar tragedies. China’s high-speed railway network, once a source of great pride for the Communist

  • Are the New Vehicles Comng out Theses Days, Safer than Before?

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    In 2011, ten percent of the fatal crashes were from people being distracted while driving their vehicle (“Distracted Driving 2011”). Some of those car crashes while because people were using cellular phones or other electronic devices while driving. 11 percent of fifteen to nineteen year olds in the year 2011 had been in car crashes that were fatal (“Distracted Driving 2011”). People from the ages fifteen to nineteen are more likely to get in fatal car crashes because they are always on their cell

  • Sweet Sixteen verses Sweet Eighteen

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    Driving crashes compose the majority of deaths among teenagers each year. For years, people have associated becoming sixteen with becoming a licensed driver. We live in a country where sixteen marks an important milestone in a teen’s life; however, recently, people are increasingly questioning whether or not teens should be handed the keys at such an early age. While those in favor of raising the driving age in Georgia to eighteen feel it is a necessary change to reduce the deaths caused by driving