Discrimination And The Lgbt Community

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was also three other men who were gay that worked for the company but wore men clothing. Robinson suggested that it is best not to use labels (such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Miss., or he/she) to prevent sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. The way I handle someone in the workplace that was LGBT, would be not to label that person but simply acknowledge them by their names. This was my way in keeping from offending anyone. People still have a long way to go in accepting the LGBT community. Having friends, family, and co-workers of the LGBT community, I have learned so much from them and admire each individual’s work ethics. They have come a long way because they fought for their rights to be able to be treated equally as those that are not of the LGBT community. There are so many other discrimination acts not listed in the book. The book listed jury duty, but it did not mention the full detail of discrimination act. To be able to take time off for jury duty the State laws require employers to give employees time to serve on a jury. Most states prohibit employers from di...
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