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    across the United States have incorporated the use of social media as not only a way to investigate and possibly prevent crimes but also as a gateway to their community. In an article entitled “Police embrace Social Media” it was stated that a 2013 study conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police showed 81 percent of 728 departments surveyed said they used social media (wagley, 2014). The development of a social media order among officials can prove to be quite challenging. Law enforcement

  • Police Deparment In A Police Department

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    Police departments are around the entire globe and people have different views about the police and their organization. The first police agency in the United States was established in 1838, the city of Boston, Massachusets few year later 1845 New York City tagged along and Newark in 1857. Police station or police deparment is a building which is meant to be the base or headquarter and accommodate police officers and other employees to do their duties. These buildings often contain offices and housing

  • Police Accountability vs. Police Independence

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    Introduction The debate regarding police independence versus police accountability has been hotly contested since at least the 1960s.1 At the heart of the debate are questions relating to the degree and manner of oversight to which police forces should be subjected, while maintaining the independence of those polices forces to carry out their duties free from undue political (or other) interferences. This essay examines the principles underlying the “independence of the office of constable”, the

  • How The Police Are A Public And The Public Are The Police?

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    of policing and police research during the last years, in the changing demographics of communities, and in the shifting characteristics of crime and violence that affect these communities. When Sir Robert Peel established the London Metropolitan Police, he established a number of principles to follow, one these principles could be considered the start of community policing: “the police are the public and the public are the police” (Bain, 2014). For a plethora of reasons, the police began to lose

  • Police Accountability: Police Accountability Of Police Behavior

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    Police Accountability Police accountability is an effective way to regulate police officer’s behavior. Police accountability is applied in different ways and with different approaches. Some of these approaches include routine supervision, regular performance evaluations and early intervention systems. Police accountability is implemented by using external and internal controls. External controls include citizen complains reports and internal controls consist of early intervention systems. On the

  • Police Distrust Of The Police Case Study

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    see in the news now a day that some police officer have been seen on television and videos that black males are being killed by white officers (males). But what people do not know is that there is news that is bias because the news will give you want they want the public to know or what will catch the public 's attention. And this is what makes the minority (race) upset because they think that officers are intending to kill black male. In contrast, what the police officer try to do on the daily basis

  • Police Stress

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    Stressor to Police Officers Dr. Bryan Vila in his talk highlights a number of issues that pervasively form police stressors. The major police stressors can be broadly categorized into four kinds. These stressors have negative impacts to both an individual and the organization he/she works with. Dr. Bryan Vila identifies the following key factors; Budgets Police operations have been for so long been restricted by budgets. The problem of understaffing is until know a problem among the police forces.

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    The police chief selection is very interesting to me. Police chief of NYPD is Philip Banks III and he was selected in March 2013. The 26-year veteran of the force and former Chief of Community Affairs was officially installed as the Department's highest ranking uniformed officer in promotion ceremonies at Police Headquarters. I wanted to know how chiefs were selected and what they were selected based on. A Chief of Police is the title commonly given to the top official in leadership of a police division

  • Police Discretion

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    and problems associated with police use of discretion. Which current policing strategies have the most potential for controlling officer discretion and providing accountability, and which have the least, and why is that the case? And finally, how might these issues impact the various concerns facing law enforcement today? Police behavior is different across all communities. In fact, how police react to combat crime is affected by the management style of the various police administrators. Also, local

  • Police Crackdowns

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    (Koper, 1995). In addition, the strategy of intensified patrols was found to reduce total police calls for service within

  • Police and Corruption

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    Police and Corruption The police. Twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year, this division of our government has a mandate to enforce the criminal law and preserve public peace. Understood in this mandate is an obligation to police everyday life matters that originate in the daily lives and activities of citizens within their community. Police interact in some form with the average citizen more often than any other government official. In society today the police play

  • Police Brutality

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    Racism and Prevent Police Brutality.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 12 May 2017, www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/policing/2017/05/12/how-dismantle-racism-and-prevent-police-brutality/101481438/. Sirry Alang is an assistant professor in the Health, Medicine and Society Program in Lehigh University’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology. It's a credible site because she's knows society is treated by police officers. Alang articles discuss ways we can prevent police brutality. She

  • Police Perceptions

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    presented finds that police contact with white’s vs blacks shapes their attitudes. Although contact with police plays a role, it is not the only component. Perceptions of police not only come from contact with police officers but from hearsay and media portrayal. As stated by (Callanan & Rosenberger, 2011) “most citizens are probably not likely to establish their opinions of law enforcement solely based on an occasional encounter, but also from other sources of information about the police, which for most

  • Police Recruitment

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    Police recruitment is very important to all law enforcement agencies; it seeks to recruit, select, train and maintain the best possible officers (Grant et al, 2012). This paper will give you the reader a general understanding of police recruitment and also discuss some of the problems happening in police recruitment; past and present, along with remedies to these problems. To become a police officer there are five basic requirements that one must first meet. Although these requirements may vary slightly

  • Militarization Of Police

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    Militarization of American Police Without any warning heavily armed men destroy the door of a perfectly normal looking home. The men are outfitted in wartime attire with guns that are reminiscent of those sent over to Iraq. Before the men enter the house one throws a flashbang grenade into the home, destroying this hardworking family’s living room. This may sound far-fetched or dystopian, however, this type of thing has become the reality of many an American. Through an examination of threats to

  • Police Burnout

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    Once fatigue has taken a toll on police officers burnout and disengagement take over. This is particularly dangerous because once a police officer becomes disengaged with their work; they lose the passion for their job, which results in a half-hearted effort to protect and serve the public. Burnout causes officers to become complacent and can cost them their life (Amendola et al., 2011). When officers experience high levels of stress accompanied by little sleep, fatigue can creep into their daily

  • Police Militarization

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    discuss the topic of police militarization. The purpose of this paper is to explore the polarity between domestic policing and the military. This paper begins by discussing the evolution of the police and the military and then later determining the shift in strategy in favor of police militarization. The paper will also discuss the effect this change has on local communities as well as examples of recent occurences that have made their way into the public eye as a result of “police militarization”. Balko

  • Police Dichotomy

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    With an upsurge in highly publicized negative police-citizen encounters, Australia police have gotten the attention and are facing challenges nowadays. In such a democratic country, the dichotomy of function of a modern police agency appears to make the public doubt whether the police is a service or force, which is contributed to the current crisis in police legitimacy (Avery, 1981). In fact, policing is always close to controversy because police are always expected to limit or control dangerous

  • Police Bureaucracy

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    notable comparisons that the police has with the military are the rank structure, the chain of command, and that they can both used weapons and force (Peak, 2014, p. 63). Other less notable comparisons is that they are both a bureaucracy meaning that the majority of the tasks, duties, regulations, and rules are made by a high rank official usually the police chief in local agencies and in state and federal agencies they are usually made by the state governor with the police chief or in federal agencies

  • Police Legitimacy

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    Police Legitimacy With the current environment of law enforcement and the struggle with trust and legitimacy within communities; police departments are exploring programs that seek to increase police legitimacy. The You Have Options program is such an example of a program that can build trust and legitimacy with a vulnerable population within communities. Research by Mazerolle et al. (2013) noted that “police legitimacy is thought to be a sure pathway for police to elicit cooperation, obtain compliance