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  • Police Deparment In A Police Department

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    Police departments are around the entire globe and people have different views about the police and their organization. The first police agency in the United States was established in 1838, the city of Boston, Massachusets few year later 1845 New York City tagged along and Newark in 1857. Police station or police deparment is a building which is meant to be the base or headquarter and accommodate police officers and other employees to do their duties. These buildings often contain offices and housing

  • Police Brutality In Urban Police

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    According to, “Police brutality is a civil rights violation that occurs when a police officer acts with excessive force by using an amount of force with regards to a civilian that is more than necessary.” This type of force on someone is a violation of a person 's rights. This source makes it clear that force should be used in only the minimum amount needed to achieve a legitimate purpose. Police brutality is a direct violation of the laws within the police force. The use of excessive

  • police

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    across the United States have incorporated the use of social media as not only a way to investigate and possibly prevent crimes but also as a gateway to their community. In an article entitled “Police embrace Social Media” it was stated that a 2013 study conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police showed 81 percent of 728 departments surveyed said they used social media (wagley, 2014). The development of a social media order among officials can prove to be quite challenging. Law enforcement

  • Police Accountability vs. Police Independence

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    Introduction The debate regarding police independence versus police accountability has been hotly contested since at least the 1960s.1 At the heart of the debate are questions relating to the degree and manner of oversight to which police forces should be subjected, while maintaining the independence of those polices forces to carry out their duties free from undue political (or other) interferences. This essay examines the principles underlying the “independence of the office of constable”, the

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    C.B.P. is working, we need to know; are we solving problems instead of reacting to them? Are police officers encouraged to leave their patrol cars and cooperate with the public? Do we have streets free of drug dealers, rowdy teenagers, soliciting prostitutes, predatory criminals, graffiti or drive by shootings? In conclusion C.B.P. is striving to build stronger more self sufficient communities, in which, crime and disorder do not thrive. Effective C.B.P. has a positive impact on reducing neighborhood

  • Police Accountability: Police Accountability Of Police Behavior

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    Police Accountability Police accountability is an effective way to regulate police officer’s behavior. Police accountability is applied in different ways and with different approaches. Some of these approaches include routine supervision, regular performance evaluations and early intervention systems. Police accountability is implemented by using external and internal controls. External controls include citizen complains reports and internal controls consist of early intervention systems. On the

  • Police Distrust Of The Police Case Study

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    see in the news now a day that some police officer have been seen on television and videos that black males are being killed by white officers (males). But what people do not know is that there is news that is bias because the news will give you want they want the public to know or what will catch the public 's attention. And this is what makes the minority (race) upset because they think that officers are intending to kill black male. In contrast, what the police officer try to do on the daily basis

  • police selection

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    The police chief selection is very interesting to me. Police chief of NYPD is Philip Banks III and he was selected in March 2013. The 26-year veteran of the force and former Chief of Community Affairs was officially installed as the Department's highest ranking uniformed officer in promotion ceremonies at Police Headquarters. I wanted to know how chiefs were selected and what they were selected based on. A Chief of Police is the title commonly given to the top official in leadership of a police division

  • Police Discretion

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    and problems associated with police use of discretion. Which current policing strategies have the most potential for controlling officer discretion and providing accountability, and which have the least, and why is that the case? And finally, how might these issues impact the various concerns facing law enforcement today? Police behavior is different across all communities. In fact, how police react to combat crime is affected by the management style of the various police administrators. Also, local

  • Police technolgy

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    the past thirty to forty years due to advancements in technology. The ways we work, play, and spend our free time have all been impacted by advancements in technology. The law enforcement field is no different; technology has radically changed how police work is done. Although there have been many advancements, most law enforcement agencies are still behind and need to catch up with the rest of society(Smith, 2013). Technology is defined as the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent