Discrimination Against The LGBT Community

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A prevalent issue among individuals in today’s society is the idea of gay marriage. This is the idea that two males or two females can be married. Although many people accept this, there are people that try to argue that gay marriage will destroy the concept of marriage and the idea/concept of procreation. Gay marriage was legalized in 2015, but is still a prevalent issue because the opposing side is trying to get the law revoked. Not only is gay marriage a prevalent issue but so is discrimination against the LGBT community. In reference to the position supporting gay marriage, the discussion will focus on: the overall idea of gay marriage, discrimination against the LGBT community in the workplace and discrimination against the LGBT community…show more content…
One place that the LGBT community is looking for equality is in the workplace. In the United States it is legal for a company or employer to fire or not hire someone based on his or her sexual orientation. Although there are some federal recourse through civil rights and equal employment claims, there’s no national anti-discrimination law to protect the LGBT workers from state discrimination (Stone). Discrimination against the LGBT community in the workplace has begun to take the national spotlight due to the Supreme Court 's 5-4 decision on June 26, 2015. Workplace discrimination against the LGBT community is detrimental and should be unlawful. Not only does an LGBT member experience lower wages, they also are less likely to receive a promotion when running up against other applicants that are not apart of the LGBT community (Isaacs). According to the Center for American Progress, 10-28 percent of the LGBT community receive negative performance evaluations or were passed over for a promotion because of their sexual orientation. Along with those numbers it is also proven that 8-17 percent of gay and transgender workers report being passed over or fired from a job due to their gender orientation (Burns). These numbers are proof that discrimination in the workplace is violating the equality rights of those that are apart of the LGBT
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