Equality and Civil Rights for Gays

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Love, the emotion expressed so widely from friends to romance, is the basis of marriage. The idea of matrimony revolves around the concept of one loving another so deeply that they want to join together and share a life together. The best description for marriage encompasses words like; commitment, unconditional love, and pure beauty from within one's heart. There is no possible way to measure the validity or trueness of these emotions. When a couple decides to wed, they are making the ultimate commitment to each other. Ultimately, the commitment should be a decision made by the couple and no one else. Many other countries practice arranged marriage, which couples are forced by their family to marry. In America, we are blessed with the freedom to choose who we marry. You may think that you have that right, but you actually do not!

Same sex couples, who decide to stay in a committed relationship, want to express their commitment in the same way that heterosexual couples are able to express their love. In recent months, the battle over same sex marriage has gained massive media coverage. Feelings toward homosexual marriage are extremely opinionated. People tend to base their opinions on a religious and moral basis. The divide on American opinion has caused much controversy, especially in the Presidential election this year. President Bush has taken a stand opposing same sex marriage and civil unions, but America is a land of equality. Are same sex couples not included in these civil rights?

Many conservative politicians and American citizens have opposed same sex marriage on the basis of protecting the sanctity of marriage. President Bush claims that under the Defense of Marriage Act, each state is not required to accept a...

... middle of paper ... statement. Hopefully, we are not being asked to make an exception on our country's definition of freedom. Bush says that we should not redefine “one of our most basic social institutions,” but as time progresses the definitions change. As at one time, African Americans were only consider a fraction of a vote, our country has been forced to redefine according the changing culture. There is no reason to continue to support a one track mind setting that our country has on same sex marriage. All Americans deserve the benefit of equality and civil rights.

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