Differences Between A Good Boss And Bad Boss

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A Good Boss And Bad Boss

In business a well defined places virtually where every individual is accountable to another person within the organization. Although the characteristic that make a boss good or bad are subjective, there are many specific traits that the majority of people consider either positive or negative. The differences between good boss and bad boss are striking, and they can be identified with a simple examination of human nature.

A good boss is always a good listener because he is always ready to learn about the employees needs and how to meet them. He should have good communication skills. He is always ready to keep in touch with his each individual team member and to keep them informed of any changes and innovations …show more content…

The working process of a him is to built on commands and control them. He waste too much energy on employee makeovers. In this case, employees often lose their trust from that person and usually fails to perform their duties in a proper manner. He treats his employees as senior, but not equally. It means that the employees have no way to express their progressive ideas concerning the issue. He is the one who believes that he knows everything more than his employees . A bad boss will never share his individual experience with …show more content…

They should be directive and motivating to their employees to perform their duties. In a proper way and to achieve the major organizational goals. ontrolling, Planning, organizing, Staffing and Directing those are some of the key functions of effective management. It means that boss should use his skills and abilities of his performance. It depends on the personal characteristics of individual if he is a good or bad leader. They hold higher position in the organization, and even get higher wages then any other employee of them and they should be treated with respect. Another noteworthy difference in a good boss and bad boss is their flexibility regarding personal

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