are you a good leader?

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Are you a good leader? A good leader must be articulate so he can understand everyone he leads. A good leader must also be strong minded so he can convince people to do what is right for the group. Last but not least you must be intelligent to one, know what is right for the group and two to back up your other two traits. The best leaders are articulate, strong minded, and intelligent. A good leader must be articulate, in order to reach all the different types of people in the group. Someone who can speak well can convince all the people of the group to do as you wish. One who speaks well can impose their thoughts on the group. Also, someone who does not speak well is less likely to be listened to than someone that does speak well. One who speaks well will benefit the group the most. Although you must be articulate, you must also be strong-minded to back up you statements. Being strong-minded can help to convince people to do as you would like. If someone can keep a group under control they can keep everyone working and bettering the group, and this takes a strong-minded person. If one is strong minded they could keep everyone on task and getting along. And most importantly a strong-minded person can keep himself on task. To be a good leader you must be strong-minded, but more importantly you have to be intelligent. Someone who is smart can back up his or her statements with fact. If someone is intelligent people are more likely to listen to their ideas before someone who is less intelligent. If one is intelligent they have the ability to instruct a group properly. And if one is intelligent they can organize all of the groups projects better the a less intelligent person.

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