Difference Between Online Class And Traditional Class

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Hue Phung
Mrs. Kehrmeyer
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25 April 2016
Online Class and Traditional Class
As technology advances and student enrollments increase, many universities are exploring the use of web-based instruction. The options range from the use of web-based applications in traditional classrooms to full-blown online courses in which there is no face-to-face contact. What are the differences between online class and face-to-face classes? The differences between a traditional class and an online class are remarkable. Both types of learning require instruction from teachers, and have comparable methods of assessment, although, they differ from one another in terms of scheduling, learning processes, and communication. So, between online
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While many online courses integrate some form of physical interaction in hybrid courses, courses that are entirely online do not have a face to face component. While students may see your professor on video, they can’t raise their hand and get immediate feedback or lean over to their classmate and ask a question. Also, the level of interaction with their peers isn’t the same in online learning as it is in traditional classroom atmospheres. With face to face interaction they develop lifelong contacts, memories and experiences that are harder to foster in an online environment. These types of interactions humanize the educational experience in a way that online learning does not. People are comfortable with a traditional classroom structure and sometimes don’t want to deviate from it. If we have a question for our teacher we can raise our hand in class and get an immediate answer. If we turn in a paper and have a question about grades or comments, we can usually talk to the teacher and analyze body language. In online learning, it is sometimes harder to gauge effective communication and we may have to wait until our teacher reads their email. While many students relish new advances in technology, others aren’t as comfortable with technology and prefer paper and pencil based methods. For these students, the familiarity and comfort of traditional class is an…show more content…
Students learn more things in school like cooperation, punctuality and discipline. It offer more flexibility to students. It also helps students learn more skills about leadership when they have a representation in front of class and meet many new friends and new teachers. If they have struggle on anything, they can go to see their friends or teacher for help. Not like the online class, if they have something to ask their professor, they need to make an appointment. Online class isn’t good on one thing that they can’t make friends like traditional class, they cannot ask their friends. My opinion is the students should take traditional class instead online class. If they cannot take traditional class for some reason, then they can take online class, but it’s not always a good idea for student to improve their knowledge because i have seen many students that always get a good grade when they took online class, but they are not really know about their lesson. Why did they get good grade? Because in online classes, every time they have test, they can open notebook, textbook or just research on google and find the answer for those question on the test and then just rewrite it in their own words. They are not really care about it. They don’t need to understand. They just care about get a good grade on that class and they
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