Differences Between Online And Traditional Courses

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Which Type of Education Is Right for You When I was fired from my job in February, 2015, it was then that I decided to go to college. I never thought I could, that I would be able to pass my classes, especially college algebra. Being my first semester I thought it would be for the best that I take traditional college classes on campus. I’m sure, throughout the duration of my degree, I will at some point take an online class or two. Because NPC is a 2 year school, most everyone will have to take a few online courses. 91% of all 2 year colleges offer online courses. In comparison, online and traditional courses both have similarities and differences in flexibility, discipline, and social interaction. There are many vast differences between online and traditional courses, first being flexibility in schedule. Traditional courses have a set time and day for the duration of the semester. Attending class is a portion of your grade. You have to make sure you have the time to attend class and not miss over the allotted amount of days. To help with the scheduling, the college usually offers day courses, night courses, and abbreviated summer classes. Traditional classes comes first on your priority list, work, and then lastly your family. Your free time is scheduled around your class schedule. Classes are 2-4 days a week depending on the schedule you choose. Even though it might be somewhat of an inconvenience, you have to keep in mind it is only for a short time and won’t last forever. All of your sacrifices will pay off in the long run; you will have a degree. The second area of contrast is discipline. Traditional classes, are more for the people who need structure to stay on course. Someone is there giving you daily assignments and s... ... middle of paper ... ...ve the opportunity to apply for financial aid with either option. You can apply for scholarship with both. Depending on your situation, and income level, you could get all of you schooling paid for. You can also apply for student loans to help supplement the loss of income or, offset the expenses that may occur for the equipment you need for online courses. You will receive what is allowed to you based on your income, and hours taken and degree plan. There is no wrong or right option, they are just different. You have to decide which option is best for you and commit totally. You need to decide if you have enough time, flexibility, discipline, and need for social interaction. Make a choice that is best for you and fits into your life the best way. Just because you tried online or traditional courses before and were not successful, try another option. Never give up!

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they decided to go to college after being fired from their job in february 2015 and took traditional college classes on campus. online and traditional courses have similarities and differences in flexibility, discipline, and social interaction.
  • Explains the differences between online and traditional courses, including flexibility in schedule and social interaction.
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