I M Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider By Ellen Laird

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After reading, “I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider” by Ellen Laird, I understood more about the advantages and disadvantages to online schooling, for both professor and student. I understood that professors could feel students are cherry picking through a syllabus while there are students who feel some professors do not provide a clear syllabus. Sure, there are syllabi that are very detailed, clear and concise but likewise there are syllabi that are jumble mess without even including so much as class outline and let us not forget about the syllabi that includes every one of the school resources meanwhile the actual class information is only one paragraph. When a student takes a class on campus, the student and professor have an advantage of building an interpersonal relationship. For example in an on campus …show more content…

However, when a student takes an online class the student and professor are at a disadvantage of building an interpersonal relationship. For example, a professor is unable to read the nonverbal cues of a struggling student through a computer screen or is unable to tell if a student is experiencing a true emergency. Just as, a student is unable to read their professors nonverbal cues that a particular chapter or assignment is vital to passing the course. I have taken classes on campus and online classes for three semesters now and have learned that regardless of class format a student needs to be dedicated, structured, self-motivated and not afraid to ask questions. A disadvantage of taking an online class is if a web portal is not working properly. I felt the web portal not working properly was the equivalent of a professor not showing up for a class on campus. If a teacher is unable to attend a scheduled on campus class there is an advantage of a contingency plan in the form of a substitute

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