Compare And Contrast Online School And Traditional School

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School has been in our lives for the longest time and it has always been a positive experience. It sets students on a path to achieve their education goal and stepping stones to a career! Now with all the advancements in life, students have the opportunity to do online classes. This is useful if the pupil is not able to attend school or their school does not offer some classes that they would like to take. Experiencing both of these ways of schooling, I have an understanding of the differences between the two. The major differences between online school and traditional school are the flexibility opportunities, the communication with the teachers, and the time management/discipline from the learner.
Online school and classes have major flexibility in many aspects. For example, a student can accomplish their classes from their own home. It also does not necessarily matter the time of day that the student feels to do their work, so the student can make their own schedule. Along with that schedule, the student can choose the pace of the class so they can learn the material to the best of their ability. Also, online schools such as Florida Virtual School (FLVS) may offer more …show more content…

Most of the time, a student cannot learn at their own pace of the subject because the teacher has a schedule and other students so that student can easily fall behind or not feel as if they are learning. Also, if a student misses a class due to an illness or some other sort of reason they will get behind in classes, while with online class the student can still work while sick or the class will not move on without them. Some schools do not offer some classes that students wish to take. For example, some schools may not present a language class that the pupil wishes to take but online they have a better chance of being able to take that

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