Traditonal Classes vs. Online Classes

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Traditional Classes vs. Online Classes Traditional classes are the old fashioned approach to learning. Traditional classes involve being in a regular classroom setting on campus. Whereas, distance learning is a modern more technological approach to learning off-campus. Whether traditional or distance learning is better, depends entirely on the student. Although the two have many differences, they also have some similarities. Both traditional and distance learning classes require the use of textbooks. They have the same text and same the same content. There is no difference in testing. Formal exams and assessments both play a major role in traditional classes and online classes. They serve as checkpoints to see if one has retained the information needed to successfully pass the course. The traditional approach has some benefits. To begin with, in the traditional classroom setting students tend to be more alert. Staying alert makes it easier for students to focus on their tasks at hand. Secondly, the students have a better opportunity to succeed because they have direct co...

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