Denman Leigh,

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You have entered into the world where you will further discover the secret behind Denman Leigh, the creator of his “twin.” Behind the curtains’ of Dr. Leigh is his science world filled with suspense that no one can imagine. This movie provides the opportunity for viewers to ponder how and why the “twin” was created. Science fiction opens the doors to imagination and infinite possibilities that keeps the viewers questioning “what if…” This sort of questioning makes people connect the movie to their reality and wonder whether science can really create new controversial innovations. Movies like Frankenstein made numerous viewers wonder how the monster was created in the first place and whether it was justified. Sorrow is Increased with Knowledge especially will cause the audience to say “Oh, oh” since Dr. Leigh is about to clone a human. Suspense is even included to give the audiences a shiver down their spines for them to feel the dilemma and emotions the characters are going through in the movie. It also brings high levels of anticipation, uncertainty, anxiety, and nerve-wracking tension that will keep the audience cliff-hanging at the edge of their seats as the plot builds towards a climax. It is the most exciting feeling that most people love to feel and will always keep in mind once the movie ends. It is the perfect genre that will let people to think outside of the box and experience the thrill that will literally knock their socks off. Sorrow is Increased with Knowledge features one of the most authentic and realistic actors and actresses that helped bring the movie into life. Willem DaFoe as Denman Leigh, is specialized in playing the role as the curious scientist and clone since he starred in Spider Man as the green goblin with two different personalities as the foe and the scientist. Thus, he is capable of playing another similar role in this film. DaFoe loves to be a part of suspenseful movies such as Platoon, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Shadow of the Vampire, which makes him the perfect character to play the role as the cloning scientist. His sharp-featured with a seductive and serpentine smile allows the audience to see Denman’s frightening and mad character. DaFoe was given the name Denman Leigh since it defines “dark doctor” which truly reflects the character’s character in the movie. Melissa Ula, played by Kate Winslet, is known to playing roles in innocent, mystic, erotic, and historical movies.

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