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Initial reactions I had the opportunity to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley several years ago and it became one of my favorite books. My initial feeling was sorrow, what a wonderful story that has been slowly destroyed by Hollywood through the years. We think of Victor Frankenstein as a mad scientist trying to destroy mankind, and the monster having bolts in his neck with very little intellect. Mary Shelley’s book is completely different from the Hollywood version we are accustom to. The monster is intelligent and has emotions, the mad scientist or Victor was scared of his own creation due to his appearance. The monster initially showed no signs of evil in the novel, but where did he learn it from? Who is the real evil monster …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that mary shelley's frankenstein is a wonderful story that has been slowly destroyed by hollywood through the years.
  • Explains that the american and french revolutions erupted in the late 1700s, and the industrial revolution was in progress from the rapid advance of technology. the romantic movement placed emphasis on individualism and self-expression across literature, art and music.
  • Explains that mary shelley was born in london, england in 1797 to the famous political writer william godwin and feminist author mary wollstonecraft.
  • Analyzes how the novel, frankenstein, contains multiple themes from the romantic period including passion, nature, individualism, and the romantic hero.
  • Analyzes how victor's individuality reflects the passion and individualism theme from the romantic period.
  • Analyzes how mary shelley's frankenstein has inspired numerous films, television programs, video games and other works. the character remains one of most recognized icons in horror fiction today.
  • Analyzes how they have gained a better appreciation of mary shelley as an author and woman of the 17th century.

Throughout the novel there was a constant battle between science and nature. Victor, of course, lost the battle between nature and science, Mary Shelley emphasizes this by the monster killing his entire family. This shows that Victor ignores all the warning signs from the law of nature and he paid the ultimate price. Mary Shelley presents nature as being very powerful which is reflected when Victor used lightning to create the monster. The Byronic hero is a dark, often broken individual with a troubled past or a loner. I felt the Byronic Hero for this novel was the monster because he embodies all these characteristics, especially when he was rejected from society. With the different trips that Victor endures individually, it hints a sense of individuality as he seeks isolation from the world. He is also a very emotional man, who loves his family. As death of his family members occurs, he becomes emotionally unstable and seeks revenge against his creation. Ultimately trying to end the life he so vigorously wanted to create. This reflects both the passion and individualism theme from the Romantic …show more content…

The most recent film which reflects the novel, was directed by Kenneth Branagh in 1994, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The character remains one of most recognized icons in horror fiction today. Written almost 200 years ago about a man obsessed with creating artificial life continues to be a topic in the 21st century. Such as today’s controversy in stem cell research or human cloning which reflects the basic theme of Mary Shelley’s novel.

Changing perspective After learning about the life of Mary Shelley, I have grown to appreciate the novel, Frankenstein, even more since the first time I read it. She led a life nearly, as tragic as the monster she created through her writing. Mary seems to pull some of her own life experiences in Victor’s background, as in both mothers died during or after childbirth. Learning about Mary’s personal losses, I have gained a better appreciation of her as an author and a woman of the 17th century. She had association with some the most influential minds of that

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