Violence In Gasper Noe's Irreversible (2002)

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1573 words

The world will deceive you. Time will trick you. People will fool you. We seem to live in a place where we think peace, love and humanity prevail, but no. Time has brought everything to what the world is now, to what we are now. Unlike any other movie, Gasper Noe’s Irreversible (2002), with his own unusual but unique way of telling a story, shows how violence roots from love, how pain roots from pleasure, how imagination roots from reality and how death roots from life. This movie focuses Marcus and Pierre’s battle with the illusion of justice to avenge Marcus’ girlfriend, Alex, from her atrocious fate. And beginning this with the ending, Gasper Noe has created not just a realistic and powerful movie but has explained, as well, what it means …show more content…

People can just go around performing crimes, torturing and destroying other people and just be fine at the end of the day, no policemen chasing after them, no cell waiting for them. People often blame the policemen for this but is it really the police’s fault only? When Alex is being raped by La Tenia, a man shows up at the background, stands and watches the scene for a moment. He then walks away from the place, doing nothing to save Alex. Man continues to seek for the justice they are asking for when they, themselves aren’t doing something to prevent crime and do justice to others. “Blood calls for revenge. Vengeance is a human right.”states one man in the movie. This is the idea of justice that is instilled in our minds with this kind of world we are living in. But even if Marcus has put all the effort in finding La Tenia and avenging Alex, he still ends up unconscious on a stretcher, arms …show more content…

From the way it started with a pure act of violence—with Pierre killing a man brutally using a fire extinguisher, to Alex being sexually tortured and beaten, to Marcus and Alex being happy with the idea of having a child to Alex reading in a peaceful place with the other women and children and from the way the movie started and ended showing how time destroys all things, the movie has shown what it means to be irreversible. If it were going to be told using the normal linear storyline, then the movie would just seem to focus on the sexual parts and violence. Alex could have been mistaken for prostitute. Their intimate and playful bed scene at the latter part of the movie could have been mistaken for a sex just for pleasure, not sharing some love at all. The act at the beginning of the movie will seem like just a normal fight scene in a chaotic world. The nonlinear way of telling the story has strengthen its points and the way it is shown using fast random movements has created a harrowing impact on how the movie wanted to tell the story to the

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how irreversible's way of representing time is very different from the concept of time we know.
  • Analyzes how irreversible shows how tragedy, cruelty, love, passion, romance and reality can be shown all at the same time.
  • Analyzes how irreversible's frank way of showing brutality, sex, and violence identifies the truth and reality in this world.
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