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    Actors and Actress Actors and Actresses are some of the most driven, courageous people on the face of the earth. They deal with more day-to-day rejection in one year than most people do in a lifetime. Each day, actors/actress face the financial challenge of living a freelance lifestyle, the disrespect of people who think they should get 'real' jobs, and their own fear that they'll never work again. Every day they have to ignore the possibility that the vision to which they have dedicated their lives

  • Boy-Actresses and the Character of Rosalind in As You Like It

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    Boy-Actresses and the Character of Rosalind in As You Like It When Shakespeare wrote his plays, women were not permitted to perform on stage, so boys played all of the female characters.  Unlike many apprenticeships, a boy learning to become an actor had no set age at which to begin and no set length of how long to study, but they usually began around the age of ten and continued playing women or adolescent roles for about seven years.  These boys were apprenticed to a specific actor within

  • Actors and Actresses of the 50s: Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Burt Lancaster, Bing Crosb

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    business; such as the invention of the teleprompter, TV’s first soap opera, “The Little Rascals” TV show, and the “I Love Lucy” TV show. But the most important thing about the entertainment in the 50s was the actors and actresses. Through out the 50s there were hundreds of actors and actresses. To name a few Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando ,Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Burt Lancaster, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Dandridge, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, and Doris Day. Each of these

  • Julia Roberts

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    	Julia Roberts 	One of the most widely known actresses, Julia Fiona Roberts, was born on October 28, 1967. This now 5’9", brown eyed, chatain clair haired girl was born in Smyrna, Georgia. She attended Campbell High School, also in Smyrna, Georgia,where she graduated in 1985. Julia’s favorite of only a few past-times is knitting, which she sometimes does while waiting on set. Her favorite quote is, "What changes with fame, I think, are perceptions of an individual, more than the

  • Society’s Expectations of a Female’s Body Image

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    very thin and beautiful. People that see these famous females begin to idealize that body image. The male gender also visualizes these famous females and thinks that all females should have this slender appearance. As the year 2000 rolled in, actresses and models’ body weight decreased, and their waiflike bodies became more noticeable in the public’s eyes. Many little girls grow up idealizing the people in the public eye, giving them the idea that they must look a certain way, which is not a healthy

  • My Review of the Play ‘Proof’

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    My Review of the Play ‘Proof’ Good acting is essential to any good performance. The actors and actresses have to try to make what the audience is seeing and hearing come alive. The four characters in the play “Proof” are able to do this. The meaning and purpose behind the play is easily understood because the actors and actresses do such a fine job in their performances. The play is about a young woman, Catherine who had been taking care of her father during his last years of life. Anne

  • Free Essays - Anne Frank

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    knew that there was nothing they could do to help them, no rides, no food, no help period. Once they arrived to what they called, the "Secret Annexe" they set their things in their rooms. Anne decorated her wall with all of her favorite actors and actresses. About a week later the Van Daans joined them, Mrs. Van Daan brought with her, her "chamber" Mr. Van Daan brought a folding tea table and Peter brought his cat Mouschi. Each of them had their own individual personality, Mr. Van Daan, was pretty mellow

  • What Makes a Great Film?

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    Firstly, one of the qualities that can truly contribute in the making of a great film is a strong cast. It would seem the case that in order for a film to be prominent, a fine story should be the main priority. However, with strong actors and actresses in a film, they are capable of transforming even a tedious storyline in an attention grabbing story. This can be said by being done with the actors being at tune with the characters they portray. When this is done, characters themselves would seem

  • Grace Kelly

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    Even before Grace Kelly married a prince, she had the aura of a princess. Frank Sinatra once commented, "Grace was a princess from the moment she was born." She had remarkable elegance and sophistication that made her different from other Hollywood actresses. Some say she had an undertone of fire beneath her charm. Alfred Hitchcock, who directed her in three films, called her "a snow covered volcano". Grace was born into a family of fame and success. Her father was a wealthy bricklayer, her brother was

  • Asians and Kill Bill

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    stereotype – they were those pertaining to Asians in particular. The obviousness and sheer transparency of the stereotypes made the movie look like a complete joke. The film? Kill Bill. The majority of today’s films starring Asian actors and actresses often contain numerous stereotypes. They cater to the biased views that most non-Asians have of Asian ethnicity and culture. What they do not know they make up for in ignorance and ridicule in one of today’s top forms of mass media. By using a widespread

  • Stereotypes of Hispanic Women in Cinema

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    throughout the era resistance cinema, have not been able to make much progress in overcoming the degrading stereotypes that Hollywood has created for them. Despite the many advances that minorities have made in the cinema in recent years, Latina actresses still take on the roles of the "dark skinned lady" and other such stereotypes with strong sexual connotations. It is often debatable whether or not the role of the Latina has undergone dramatic changes since the days of Dolores Del Rio and Carmen

  • A Career in Acting

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    Aspiring actresses face frequent rejections in auditions and long periods of unemployment; competition for roles is often intense. While formal training is helpful, experience and talent are more important for success in this field. Because of erratic employment, earnings for actresses are relatively low. Although most people associate actresses, directors, and producers with the screens of Hollywood or stages of Broadway, these workers are more likely to be found in a local theatre, television studio

  • Rousseau's Critique of Moliere

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    article on "Geneva" in the Encyclopedia that opening a theater in Geneva would bring together the "wisdom of Lacedemonia and the grace (politesse) of Athens." Rousseau was not primarily concerned with the supposed corrupting effects of actors and actresses (D’Alembert had seductively suggested that with proper regulation Geneva might have a group of morally well-behaved actors) but with the experience of theater itself. His apparent hostility has two elements, one moral, and the second epistemological

  • The Ideal Woman

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    Ideal Woman In magazines stuffed with models and advertisements, billboards on the highway, and actresses on television, the message of what women should look like is everywhere. Advertising is a powerful force in our culture due to the exposure. The decided presence of these images in effect shapes the image of women today. It is very unfortunate that the media influences American society to the point that it defines the "ideal woman". The "ideal woman" is defined as someone that is thin, young

  • The Ghost’s Appeal: Man’s Interest in the Superficial in Toulouse-Lautrec’s At the Moulin-Rouge

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    how the illumination reveals more about th... ... middle of paper ... ...illed with interesting scenes, people, and ideas, has a distinct theme that emerges by looking at both the women and their male counterparts. From their similarities to actresses to their depiction as ghosts, Toulouse-Lautrec’s women are superficial. It is the men’s obsession with this, however, that reveals the work’s complete theme. Namely, that it is the outward grandeur of a woman that charms men. This point is brought

  • Shakespeare's As You Like It - Rosalind and Celia

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    identity. A feminist view on Shakespeare examines the poet's defense of virtue in the play. Quite a few articles focus on Rosalind alone. These varyingly discuss Rosalind in relation to gender issues, romantic power, eroticism, specific performances of actresses portraying Rosalind as well as one piece which questions Rosalind's very existence. But the most cohesive and edifying critical writings delve the depths of the relationship between Rosalind and Celia. Most criticisms that include Celia, agree

  • The Negative Portrayal of Latino Women in American Films

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    to the 1930’s in Lupe Velez and to the present Rosie Perez. Dolores Del Rio and Maria Montez represent the virgin Senorita. (Rodriguez 75-7) These are just some of the actresses that have portrayed characters that fit into these two stereotypes. Other actresses include Carmen Miranda, Natalie Wood, and Rita Moreno. These actresses are featured in the following films, West Side Story, Flying Down to Rio, Mexican Spitfire, and White Men Can't Jump. These two stereotypes have been carried out in American

  • Performers in Eighteenth Century British Theatre

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    of fans. Theatre was an intricate part of the social ladder. In the overall scheme of things the actors and actresses played an important part in making the theatre what it was. Without the performers there wouldn’t really be theatre, so in order to understand the eighteenth century British theatre the performers of that era need to be understood. The social standing of actors and actresses in the late eighteenth century was mostly understood to be of the lower class but they were not always treated

  • Effects Of Technology

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    mainly with the content of the shows. Many of the shows on television portray violence, drugs, sexual activity, and profanity. People who watch these shows see what the actors and actresses are doing and then feel it is all right for them to do the same things. If a kid is watching a show were one of the actors or actresses use profanity, they will feel it is all right for them to use the same language. When television first came on the market about fifty years ago, families had one television at the

  • A Comparison And Contrast Between Flowers From Another World Ad Hi, Ar

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    is regarded by many critics as an enchanting road movie about being a woman, being young, love and frienship is the first directorial work by Iciar Bollain. In this opera prima, Iciar shows her ability to direct actors, especially her two leading actresses, but it is in her handling of a story told so many times before (two girlfriends on the road has been the theme everywhere, who can forget Thelma and Louise!) and thus making look so fresh and original that her directorial talent is revealed. She