Cultural Diversity Essay

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knowingly broke the law by entering the country illegally. Another concern is that it encourages future flow of illegal immigration into the United States. The current United States legal pathway are for immigrants with high level of education and professional experience such professors, scientists and multinational executives. Other ways to migrate legally is a petition from an American citizen for their spouse, parent or unmarried underage children. The petitioner must prove an income level above the poverty line to support the family member in question, and this family member must meet eligibility requirements as well. Consequently, the majority of immigrants have no other option but to enter the United States, even if it is illegally.…show more content…
People tend to use their own culture as the standard to judge other cultures which can lead to fear of the unknown and that of which they do not understand. Diversity is critical due to the fact that we can learn from one culture on daily basis, thus having a level of understanding about other racial and ethnic groups. This better helps us understand the different perspectives within our communities and the world in which we live. Also, interacting with people of different cultures can assist in building bridges of trust, respect and tolerance for one another. Further, the United States benefits from having people from different cultures that contribute to diverse ways of thinking, different skills and languages, and new ways of doing things. Getting to know people of different ethnicities and cultures can lead to a better understanding and more empathetic world. Lastly, one can discover that people actually have more in common than they have…show more content…
Therefore, illegal immigrants serve America’s interests. Americans are interested in cheap unskilled labor such as factory hands, nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, restaurant workers, agricultural laborers, and construction workers. Employers would rather pay illegal immigrants less as they don’t mind working longer hours, often get more accomplished, and receive better quality work. Also, the demand for illegal workers is high due to employers’ ability to keep operating costs low and the luxury of not having to provide health and retirement benefits. There is also less expectation regarding the treatment of undocumented workers. Although illegal immigrants are often exploited and mistreated, they take pride in their work, are dependable, and have outstanding work ethics. The jobs they perform are physically demanding and they often complete these jobs without problem or complaint. Moreover, when the wages of lower-skilled workers go down, the rest of America benefits by paying lower prices for things like produce, restaurant meals, and
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