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As we go about our daily lives in the beautiful country of Canada which we have been blessed to live in, it has become normal to see a woman who wears the hijab walking down the street, or a Black family driving on the highway, or an Indian man wearing a suit and tie heading into the office. Canada’s cultural diversity is something which makes the country so special to live in, and instances where we see people of different cultures is increasing everyday. Many of the newcomers who arrive from overseas into Canada are families, with children and youth ready to begin their new life filled with opportunity here in Canada. However, youth who settle in Canada with their families aren’t exempted from the trials and tribulations youth face. In fact, …show more content…

With the rise in the population of multicultural youth in Canada, we must accommodate this trend by having more multicultural Child and Youth Workers. Secondly, Multicultural CYWs have a greater sense of cultural awareness as they have experienced different cultures growing up themselves. Lastly, CYWs who come from multicultural backgrounds will have a better understanding of the perspective which the youth comes from. The increase in cultural diversity in Canada means that there should be more multicultural Child and Youth Workers as they are more sought after, cultural knowledgeable, and understanding of perspective when working with Canadian …show more content…

In many cases, the best way to relate to someone is to put oneself in the person’s shoes. However, this may seem difficult for someone who does not share the same experience and the other person, as they may not consider certain obstacles to be as difficult or they may not appreciate certain things which are are highlighted by the person in need to assistance. In an article written by the Global Roundtable Working Group on Youth titled “Youth and the State of Culture”, the author states the importance of culture in the youth field “it is important to understand the various cultural issues that are of great significance to young people worldwide, including such factors as information and communication technologies (ICTs) and media’s influence on young people’s choices.” (“Youth and the State of Culture”, n.d). By being from two different cultures and having experience in both, multicultural Child and Youth Workers are are able to make strong connections between their own culture and Canadian culture. They are also more inclined to find similarities in the other youth’s cultures. For example, Middle Eastern culture in a nutshell is quite similar across all the countries within the area, but it also has similarities with African and Eastern European culture as well. Having a multicultural background is also essential when

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that canada's cultural diversity is something that makes the country so special to live in, and that there should be more multicultural child and youth workers.
  • Argues that having more multicultural child and youth workers accomodates trends and builds an instant bridge of connection between the youth and the worker.
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