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The United States of America was founded by and for immigrants who were searching for freedom. It has become the land of opportunity, the home of the free, and a place where you can experience the American dream. Moreover, each year whether it is voluntary or not, thousands of people will immigrate to the U.S in hope of a better tomorrow, leaving behind their families, homes and identities. Nevertheless, the journey is not always easy, most of the time these immigrants have to face many obstacles in order to come into the United States. Many will die before they even reach their destination and even if they do make it, they are looking into a future filled with struggles due to being undocumented, and are forced to live each day with the fear of being caught. Moreover, if the U.S can provide amnesty to undocumented people and regulate the laws in regards to immigration we can …show more content…

There are more than 12 million immigrants in the United States, to try to deport all of them is an idea that many see as impractical and impossible (Pawlick, Finley). Seeing as immigration is not a problem that can be solved by deportation, allowing these immigrants to obtain a citizenship is the best way to insure their future as well as native-born citizens. Immigration has always been a very controversial topic, however it is a responsibility as educated Americans to see that these “illegal aliens” serve the country more when granted citizenship. Many of these hard working immigrants, both legal and illegal, pay taxes, and contribute to programs such as social security ( Immigration Policy). Yet, there are many immigrants who cannot live their lives freely due to fear of being caught. However by granting these immigrants amnesty, it is encouraging thousands of immigrants who live above the law to come out of the shadows and pay their contribution to society as well as receiving the

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