Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration has become a controversial topic in politics within the US. Some believe that undocumented immigrants are vital to the U.S. economy because they take the jobs Americans do not want. Others however, have the opinion that undocumented immigrants should be punished for doing things illegally, arguing that undocumented immigrants are taking the jobs of the American people and taking abusing it by not paying taxes. Although there are speculations that support the claim that immigrants should be punished, there are several counterarguments that state why they should be allowed to stay. Undocumented immigrants are an important factor to the development of the United States of America, immigrants have supplied a widespread example Many undocumented immigrants are happy as long as they have a job. This is why it is important for those immigrants to be able to gain a legal status. This would help to fill up the vacant jobs in those farms and meat packing plants. A post released by “The Washington Post,” named “Immigration Lifts Wages, Report Says; White House Asserts Only Least-Skilled Native Workers Are Hurt” it is stated that after an economic review president Bush’s council in 2007, concluded that undocumented immigrants contribute about $80,000 more per person when paying taxes, and are unable to claim benefits offered to In contrast to what most people believe, they do pay their fair share of taxes, only meaning they have rights to some of the benefits that native-born peers are provided with. They also make or take jobs that American citizens do not wish to do. As stated above all immigrants migrate to the U.S. from countries that suffer from poverty, and a high crime rate. These are just some of the reasons to why an immigration reform should be put into

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