Creating a Web Development Firm

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Creating a Web Development Firm

Peter graduated in Computer Science three years ago and has been working as a web developer for a leading software provider ever since. During his employment, Peter gained considerable experience in web based and e-commerce solutions design. Leon, a business student, met Peter in collage. As an account manager in an advertisement and marketing company, Leon maintains a large database of businesses and has cultivated good relationships with most clients. Peter had successfully designed solutions for a few clients forwarded by Leon. After their initial success and given the number of prospective client, Peter and Leon decide to venture into the lucrative market of web development and start their own web development firm.

Business Vision

Business Name

The firm will carry the name "Web Solutions Plus." This name clearly reflects the type of business activity and the nature of products and services. It also conveys richness and variety allowing room for expanding operations and providing additional services in the future.

Mission Statement

Using the slogan "Quality for the financially challenged," Web Solutions Plus will provide products and services adhering to latest technological standards in the web development industry at highly competitive prices.

Products and Services

Web Solutions Plus will provide state of the art web based business solutions and consultancy services in web application design and management. The scope of operations will include website design and security, e-commerce solution design and management, intranets and database driven client/server applications—accounting and inventory systems, billing and P.O.S systems, payroll systems, customer lead generation systems—built on a multitude of the latest web and database technologies.

Market Niche

The firm will target small to medium sized businesses operating in any sector and provide cost effective solutions with competitive prices. This will be especially appealing to businesses with limited budgets that find it difficult to afford solutions provided by major software venders. Market research remains pending to have a detailed assessment and this segment.


An initial assessment of the market shows an abundance of website designers and e-commerce solution providers. However there seems to be a limited number of web based application providers that target business operations like P.O.S and accounting systems. Again, this area needs thorough market research for accurate assessment.

Future Plans

After attaining significant growth in the web development sector, Web Solutions Plus will consider expanding its business activities to include domain registration and Internet hosting services.
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