Discuss the concept of Digital Activism and the socio-political role of the individual in today’s Postmodern Global Village

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The Role of a Individual Digital Activists

The members of an online activism campaign must understand the fundamentals of solving the many communication and technology-related problems as sufficiently as possible. According to the resources available, each member of the team will be assigned one or more role(s), but a large group of specialists (Larger amount of resources available) will achieve their goal a lot more efficiently than a small group of generalists (Smaller amount of resources available) fulfilling multiple roles (Osvaldo, G., 27 June 2011, Roles in digital activism, viewed 26 April 2014, from http://www.digitalactivist.net/articles/roles-in-digital-activism/).

The following is a list of the most common roles of individuals involved in an online activism campaign:

Level 1 (Most basic level)
Online content writer, Journalist - a campaign is defined by the narrative of the problem that needs to solved. This narrative has to be extremely accurate and as easy to understand as possible. The narrative serves as the foundation of the campaign.

Photographer - A good narrative needs good photographs capable of telling a story, photographers are not required full-time.

Level 2
Online and offline fund-raiser - The person in charge of the management of the campaigns fundraising efforts. they are also responsible for the creation of fund-raising tools to communicate with potential donors.
Campaign coordinator - this person is usually the public face of the campaign and typically a connoisseur of the campaign’s subject-matter. these members also play the important role of the campaign negotiator

Level 3
Webmasters - Large organizations usually employ a team of specialists that includes programmers, IT system administrators, ...

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...ed by the preconceived ideas of what they should amount to, digital activism is a way of initiating your legacy.

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