Isuzu Australia Limited Case Study Summary

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Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is an Australian based company that performs marketing and distributing for Isuzu trucks. The company was using a manual process to communicate and distribute the vehicles to multiple dealers. The manual process was inefficient, very costly and caused an increase of errors. Due to these multiple issues the Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) moved its manual process to a more collaborative technology based process. Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) realizing that the current process was no longer beneficial and cost effective for the company and its customers they decided to move the manual process to a more efficient process, the IAL chose the IBM WebSphere Portal for its portal solution. The WebSphere Portal “provides…show more content…
One of the benefits and one of the major concerns is cost. To implement the solution would result in a cost reduction; however, there is an upfront cost of implementation, to implement a new solution, train the users on the new product and the support and maintenance of the product can increase the cost of the overall implementation and year over year cost of the product. To lower the cost of the solution, the organization must perform a feasibility study to access the overall cost of the products, this will help in identifying the total cost of ownership of the product. Then this can be compared to the cost savings of implementing the applications, this will then validate that the application will be cost effective to IAL. Another drawback of groupware is any proprietary design or application specific items. “Groupware creates documents and other files in proprietary formats and then the export of the data to an alternative platform might be virtually impossible”. (Stoy, 2010) This can force the organization into maintaining the solution regardless of feasibility and drive the cost of ownership even higher. To address this issue an organization must perform research before choosing the solution; this will allow the organization to determine if a company has

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