Comparing Advertisements by Garnier and Neutrogena

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We are surrounded by advertisements which be found on the television,

radio, newspapers, magazines, street hoardings, taxis, buses and

through the post. Everything we purchase or watch is advertised. This

is a technique used to persuade people to buy their products.

Companies use the power of persuasion to lure their target audience

into buying the product being promoted. Advertisements are used

to make the audience believe they need the product being

marketed. Some advertisements are more successful than others and I

intend to investigate why, using two examples which promote skin

cleansers one by Garnier and the other by Neutrogena.

The first advertisement I will anatomise is the Garnier. The Garnier

advertisement takes up an A4 page in a magazine. The main picture

takes up approximately 60 percent of the page which makes it stand out

and shows it is an important ingredient to making the advertisement

efficacious. The main picture is split up again but it is not a 50/50

split it is more like 40/60. The smaller picture shows the girl

applying the product to her face and the larger picture shows the

outcome of using the merchandise. The picture of the product

application is smaller as it does not show you how well the product

works or what the end result is which is most important. The larger

section is of the girl after application, the girl is very beautiful

with clear skin, and this may make the target audience want to buy the

product because they have the aspiration to have the perfect skin she

does. On the picture in white writing is "GENTLY CLEASNSES PORES DEEP

DOWN." "LOOK, THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE." it is divided on the two


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... preferred the Garnier; the reason is it is straight to

the point and aesthetically pleasing it is very fresh and informative

without the need for a whole chunk of text explaining who uses it, the

product speaks for itself. The reason I disliked the Neutrogena

advertisement is that its too busy and also it has too much text which

will not appeal to its target audience as most teenager do not pay

attention to the text on advertisements. At first glance the

Neutrogena looks like an article and once read tells you about the

life of a dancer which will not really interest many people, even

though the point is that the pore range is quick and easy to use there

is no need to explain the history of the users life. Therefore to

conclude my essay I came to find the Garnier advertisement is a better

campaign than the Neutrogena.

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