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The beverage manufacture and bottling industry is greatly influenced by economic and other market trends associated with consumers. To capitalize on its strengths and opportunities, Coca-Cola targets specific demographic segment through online viral marketing for its product; it uses the new technology tools (Facebook, Instagram) as medium of communication market its products and interact with the consumers. The company use well-known celebrities for their add campaign and sponsor sport events such as the Olympics and world cup soccer game to promote their brands. On the other hand to minimize its weakness and threats, Coca-Cola allocate funds and resources for research “guided by international standards including the International Labor Organization's code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work, and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (”. The company also promotes diversity in its workplace that serves to recognize leadership and fairness to encourage a work atmosphere of open communication and to essentially seek and leverage new ideas.
Company Strategies
Coca-Cola goal is to maximize profitability and growth to create value to its shareholders. To achieve these goals, the company has concentrated a great of time and attention on strategy development and implementation.
Consistent with its strategic direction, Coca-Cola has established these strategies to maximize its competitiveness and profitability:
• Implement well-planned product, packaging and pricing strategies to increase consumer demand
• Leverage and integrated business model to continue exploring and participating in new lines of beverages
• Focus on opportunities in high profit growth and margin
• Strengthen its distri...

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...rds, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, helps us ask questions within our organization that are important to improve our performance.
We continue to better understand areas in which we collect and analyze data well and areas in which we continue to be challenged, and we have made significant progress in our corporate responsibility reporting since we started such reporting in 2001.
While the roadmap for The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) looks to be bright, the company has built and a great structure to support its business goals. Though they lose certain market share; they do inspire mission, vision and values. The company is committed to a sustainable growth to its shareholders. A culture of improvement, partnership, teamwork shows that TCCC has a solid foundation of open communications and relationships means on which to build its success and growth.

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