Coca Cola Competitive Advantage Essay

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Competitive Advantage Does Coca-Cola have a competitive advantage? We can define competitive advantage as simply what a given company excels best at. This could be the distinguishing factor as to why consumers purchase from your company and not the competition. This could also be understood from the perspective of quality that a business can create for the consumer. A different perspective of approaching competitive advantage is its relationship with different business models, the degree of innovation and the information systems present. A competitive advantage is imminent if the current strategy of a company is value adding and is not in the present moment being implemented by its would-be competitors. The sustainability of a competitive advantage…show more content…
Coca-Cola is a company with sustainable competitive advantage. The company is innovative and has an extensive business model with boasts of a sustainable distribution network. The company was incorporated in the late 1800s to commence the production of a sweet fizzy beverage that has become the world's most known brand. Presently, the company is still on an upward trajectory as it remains one of the world's most sought-after stocks. The company's competitive advantage has shown resilience and sustainability over the years. This proven track record for the company can be attributed to a number of factors, the first which is relatively crucial is the company's secret formula for Coca-Cola, which comparably tastes better than what competition has to offer in the market. The company's ability to come up with new products while at the same time reinventing the old products has offered them a competitive edge over their peers. The company boasts of having the world's most diverse and comprehensive distribution networks, this offers them accessibility to billions of people in areas that would prove rather difficult for their peers to distribute their products. The African continent has been cited as an excellent example, it is more often than not to see a distribution outlet for coke on a remote location on the continent…show more content…
This competitive advantage has been rendered sustainable as other players have found it difficult to catch up with the company's competitive strategy. In spite of this clear advantage, it was noted that the company faces some challenges being the world leader in soft drink distribution. The canning and bottling of the product which is done in many countries have now fallen into the hands of independent companies, thus it becomes hard for a given company to control the quality of the packaging

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